Acclaimed Fallout-Esque Role-Playing Game Atom RPG Will Be Here Any Minute on Android

Atom RPG, the acclaimed role-playing game that owes a visible debt to titles like Fallout and Wasteland, should be along any minute on Google Play.

The game, which has been out on PC since 2018 and iOS since this week, was due to arrive before the end of May, so it seems that a slight delay is possible. Developer AtomTeam hasn’t publicly announced a delay, however, so we anticipate that the Android version of Atom RPG will be here sooner rather than later.

Set in 1986, Atom RPG takes place in an alternative universe in which the West and the Soviet Union, and both sides used nukes. That leaves you exploring the post-apocalyptic wasteland and getting into turn-based fights with your fellow survivors, among other things. 

There are 120 locations, 600 NPCs, more than 150 weapons, a multiple choice dialogue system, a skills system, and over 60 hours of gameplay.

When it turns up, hopefully soon, Atom RPG looks like it’ll be a blast. 

Source: Pocket Gamer

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