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This ACNH Shell DIY recipes guide covers all the recipes you can get that use Shells and Summer Shells to create. Use the interactive checklist below to keep track of what you have and what you still need!

Below is the current list of summer and shell items you can craft. We’ll update this with any new recipes we find. Keep your eyes peeled for any updates!

Summer Shells are a seasonal item, that you’ll only be able to get in Summer. Keep that in mind when trying to craft these recipes!

DIY recipes always have some level of randomness and luck involved but here are all the ways to get Shell DIY Recipes. Do all of these to give yourself the best chance to get them all!

  • Shoot Down Balloon Gifts (non-egg): Use your slingshot to pop the red balloons. You may get the gift of a new shell DIY recipe.
  • Find Message in a Bottles: DIY recipes are always in the message in a bottles that wash up on shore so be sure to check you beaches regularly.
  • Talk to Villagers: Villagers will share DIY recipes with you sometimes. If you’re lucky it will be a Shell one! Also make sure to check in with them when they’re at home–if they’re crafting, they’ll give you a recipe for what they’re doing!
  • Check in Daily: Be sure to start the game at least once a day because the morning announcement could include a DIY. This is normally for seasonal items, but there’s a chance for other DIY recipes, too.

How to Find Summer Shells[edit]


When it’s summertime, Summer Shells will appear along the coastline with the other shells. Easy!

Sandy-beach Flooring ✓[edit]

  • 1 sea snail
  • 1 venus comb
  • 1 sand dollar
  • 1 coral
  • 1 giant clam
  • 1 cowrie

Shell Arch[edit]

Shell Arch ✓[edit]

  • 3 sea snails
  • 3 venus combs
  • 3 sand dollars
  • 3 corals
  • 3 giant clams
  • 3 cowries

Shell Bed[edit]

Shell Bed ✓[edit]

  • 5 giant clams
  • 3 clay
  • 4 stones

Shell Fountain[edit]

Shell Fountain ✓[edit]

Shell Lamp[edit]

Shell Lamp ✓[edit]

Shell Partition[edit]

Shell Partition ✓[edit]

Shell Rug[edit]

Shell Rug ✓[edit]

Shell Speaker[edit]

Shell Speaker ✓[edit]

Shell Stool[edit]

Shell Stool ✓[edit]

Shell Table[edit]

Shell Table ✓[edit]

This set of recipes are reported according to Game8.

Shell Wand[edit]

Shell Wand ✓[edit]

  • 3 star fragments
  • 3 summer shells

Shell Wreath[edit]

Shell Wreath ✓[edit]

  • 1 giant clam
  • 1 cowrie
  • 1 coral
  • 1 sand dollar
  • 1 sea snail
  • 1 summer shell

Underwater Flooring[edit]

Underwater Flooring ✓[edit]

Underwater Wall[edit]

Underwater Wall ✓[edit]

Finally, this recipe is courtesy of Gamewith.

Water Flooring[edit]

Water Flooring ✓[edit]

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