All The Platform Exclusives We Know of In 2020

We’re gearing up for what might be the biggest year in gaming – ever – if 2020 ends up being as stacked as it looks right now. Currently, the biggest releases are slated for the first portion of the year, but many of 2020’s end-of-year releases and surprises are yet to be revealed. And, with two new consoles on the horizon in Sony’s PS5 and Xbox’s Series X that are looking to push gaming even further, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

But, for now, here are all the biggest platform exclusives we know of releasing in 2020. Check out the gallery below, or scroll down further to read the entire list.

2020 Platform Exclusives

PlayStation 4

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Joel and Ellie’s first adventure was a bonafide masterpiece that ended on a very controversial note. Now, five years after the conclusion of the The Last of Us, Ellie is on her own adventure for redemption. While we don’t know exactly what she’s so mad about, trailers have dropped some serious hints and she’s clearly got some loose ends to tie up in a very violent way.

What we do know, however, is that we’re told The Last of Us Part II is Naughty Dog’s longest game to date, to the point where the physical version will arrive on two discs. Also, Joel has been confirmed to return in this sequel. Finally, from the limited hands-on time we’ve gotten, we really like it so far.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Release Date: March 3, 2020

The return to Midgar has been in the works for a very, very long time. Originally announced back at E3 2015, Final Fantasy VII Remake changed development hands and restarted from scratch before it was re-revealed earlier this year. Besides the obvious graphical upgrade, Sony promises FF7 Remake will expand the story of Midgar, taking us deeper into the lore and characters than the 1997 PS1 original.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Over 100 Screenshots

Additionally, FF7 Remake’s combat system has been updated for the modern generation, adopting a FFXV-style real-time action system. But, for old-school purists, Square-Enix will also include a classic battle mode. Note that the March 3 release date isn’t for the entire thing, though: because it’s such a large undertaking, this remake will be delivered in an episodic format. But, don’t worry, the second part has already begun development, so hopefully we won’t have to wait another 20 years to continue our adventure.

Ghost of Tsushima

Release Date: Summer 2020

After more than a year without any new information, we finally got a lengthy new gameplay trailer and release date window for Sucker Punch’s next game, Ghost of Tsushima. While we don’t know very much about the story, we know it involves a samurai warrior named Jin who will gain various skills and abilities while traversing the vast open-world of feudal Japan. In a blog post following the new trailer, Communications Manager (and ex-IGN alum) Andrew Goldfarb says, “Ghost of Tsushima is huge – the biggest game Sucker Punch has ever made by a wide margin.”

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Release Date: April 24, 2020

Asymmetrical multiplayer games haven’t had the greatest track record thus far (RIP Evolve) but that doesn’t seem to stop developers from trying to make this ambitious idea work. Developed by the team behind Friday the 13th: The Game, Predator: Hunting Grounds uses the same formula of pitting four relatively weak human players against a single lethal enemy – in this case it’s the lethal Predator.

Unlike most other games in the genre, though, Hunting Grounds has objectives for the four humans to complete while trying to steer clear of the Predator, focusing more on objectives instead of simply playing hide-and-seek. In our initial playthrough, we found playing both sides to be equally satisfying, and can’t wait to drop into the jungle to rip out our friends’ spines.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Yakuza 7)

Release Date: TBA 2020

After years of lagging behind Japan’s releases of the Yakuza series, we in the west are finally going to catch up when the seventh mainline entry in the series, Yakuza: Like a Dragon comes out stateside sometime in 2020. The series is primarily known for its goofy and unconventional open-world gameplay and endless stream of minigames, paired with its equally bizarre stories. Speaking of bizarre, Yakuza: Like a Dragon changes things up quite a bit by adding in turn-based combat instead of the fluid, action-style combat the series is known for. It sounds like an interesting experiment!

And, while we’re at it…

Yakuza 5 (As Part of Yakuza: The Remastered Collection)

Release Date: February 11, 2020

Yakuza 5 will make its proper western PS4 debut as part of Yakuza: The Remastered Collection when it arrives in early 2020. While the original PS3 version was localized and released digitally in 2015, the Remastered Collection will contain remasters of Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, and Yakuza 5. At the time, Yakuza 5 was a big step forward for the decade-old franchise, adding five locations to explore and five playable main characters.

Wondering which order you should play the Yakuza games in? Our resident Yakuza expert, Max Scoville, breaks it down for you here.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Release Date: February 28, 2020

Developed in tandem with Marvel Game Studios, which oversaw development of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4, Iron Man VR will allow you to suit up in Tony Stark’s high-tech suit of armor for a full campaign.

We were surprised by the gameplay in our initial hands-on preview, which offered us freedom of control over the Repulsors and featured an epic mid-air chase sequence.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Release Date: February 6, 2020

Based on the turn-based RPG Granblue Fantasy, Versus pits players against each other in one-on-one battles. It features Gran, the main protagonist, along with 10 additional characters from the series who will duke it out for the title of champion.

Nioh 2

Release Date: March 13, 2020

Nioh 2 returns to Sengoku-era Japan to battle brutal monsters and demons in relentless martial arts-style combat. In Nioh 2, you’ll be able to transform into a Yokai, a phantom-like creature armed with devastating paranormal powers.

Persona 5 Royal

Release Date: March 31, 2020

Joker and his gang of Phantom Thieves return in Persona 5 Royal, a special edition of Persona 5 that introduces new party member Kasumi Yoshizawa, as well as new friend encounters, a third school term, more difficult enemies, and more.

Oh, and Morgana will no longer bother you to sleep every night, allowing you to get more done in the late-night hours. There’s plenty to do for fans of the original game, and if you’ve been waiting to jump into the series this promises to be the definitive version.


Release Date: TBA 2020

Okay, while this one actually isn’t a PS4 game, it is the first confirmed PS5 game we know about, announced during The Game Awards. Godfall is being described as a “looter-slasher” that will be playable solo or with up to three other players in cooperative play. Keith Lee, Creative Director at developer Counterplay Games said, “we plan to provide plenty of loot to players to ensure there’s meaningful impact to gameplay and playstyles.” And, with Gearbox publishing Godfall, we have no doubt there will be copious amounts of loot for everyone.

Xbox One

(Also available on PC via Xbox Game Pass)

Halo: Infinite

Release Date: Holiday 2020

Not much is known about Infinite yet, other than that it continues the story of Halo 5: Guardians and sees the return of the Master Chief playing more of a central role.

E3 2019 Game Announcements for 2020

It’s also being built on the brand-new Slipstream engine (which looks gorgeous, by the way) and is confirmed to be a launch game for Xbox’s Project Scarlett, which arrives in late 2020.

Minecraft Dungeons

Release Date: April 2020

In a different approach to the very freeform survival gameplay of Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons has you exploring handcrafted levels full of enemies and plenty of loot. You can explore alone or with up to four players to take down enemy mobs and take down the Arch-Illager.

Psychonauts 2

Release Date: TBA 2020

After spending the past 15 years in limbo, Raz is finally back with the rest of his psychic buddies to enter new characters’ mental worlds to fight their inner demons with new PSI abilities. He’ll need all the help he can get, since he’ll also dive deeper into his family’s history and learn more about the curse that plagues them.

Bleeding Edge

Release Date: March 24, 2020

Developer Ninja Theory’s stylish online brawler Bleeding Edge features 12 characters to choose from, each with varying roles and abilities to master in 4v4 team-based combat.

There’s supposed to be plenty of rewards to earn in-game to customize your fighters, allowing you to play the way you want and ensuring your squad stands above the competition.

Gears: Tactics

Release Date: TBA 2020

Taking place 12 years before the events of the original Gears of War, Gears: Tactics is an XCOM-style turn-based game that features an all-new squad. The story will revolve around your characters and combat will feature “massive boss battles,” according to developer The Coalition.


Release Date: Q2 2020

This micro-sized world looks to be pulled straight from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

The idea is to brave the backyard environment by looting, crafting, and building, using every resource to ensure your survival. Missions can be played solo or in four-player co-op.

Tell Me Why

Release Date: Mid-2020

Now that Life is Strange 2 has wrapped up, the creators behind that series are back to tell another story. Focused on the relationship between twins Tyler and Alyson, Tell Me Why is an adventure that spans three episodes as the siblings uncover memories of their troubled childhood.

Wasteland 3

Release Date: May 19, 2020

The post-apocalyptic RPG saga that inspired Fallout concludes with Wasteland 3.

As the sole survivor of Team November, you and your party are sent on a quest to explore the icy wasteland of Colorado. And, for the first time in the series, you’ll be able to play through the campaign cooperatively with a friend.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Release Date: TBA 2020

Dust off your old flightstick because Microsoft Flight Simulator is back for the modern generation. Using over 2,000 terabytes of data from Bing Maps, it will simulate the entire Earth’s surface and allow you to create your own flight paths to fly anywhere in the world. This ain’t your dad’s Flight Simulator.

Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Release Date: March 20, 2020

Taking place on a deserted island, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will transport you to a new environment far from the bustling towns of the previous games.

Screens – Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Direct 9/4/2019)

New Horizons features a new crafting system, as well as plenty of the customization that the series is known for, including the ability to create your own camp. Of course, Tom Nook will be knocking on your door once again to collect your hard-earned bells in due time.

Bravely Default 2

Release Date: TBA 2020

Bravely Default 2 will pit four new Heroes of Light against the world as they search for and retrieve the four Crystals. While the name would imply this is the second Bravely Default game, it’s actually the third in the series. Bravely Second was a true sequel to the first game, while Bravely Default 2 will put the series on more of an anthology-style route, akin to the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series. A tweet from Nintendo promises that players can “expect a brand-new world, new Heroes of Light, and music from Revo in this successor to the original Bravely Default.”

No More Heroes III

Release Date: TBA 2020

Taking place two years after the events of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, in No More Heroes III Travis is sent to take down intergalactic assassins after a mysterious flying object appears in the sky over the fictional city of Santa Destroy, California.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Release Date: TBA 2020

Originally released on the Wii almost a decade ago, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition revisits Shulk’s story with updated graphics.

After his hometown is attacked, Shulk finds he can wield the powerful Monado blade and sets out on a mission for revenge. For those who haven’t experienced this classic open-world JRPG, this may be the best time to jump in yet.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Release Date: January 17, 2020

In 2016, two unlikely franchises – Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei – came together in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore on the Wii U. Now joining the parade of ports to the Switch, this updated re-release features turn-based battles and lots and lots of dancing.

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

Release Date: TBA 2020

Developed by the team behind the original 2010 release, Deadly Premonition 2 follows the intertwining stories of two FBI agents. When Aaliyah Davis begins investigating an old case involving fellow agent Francis “York” Morgan, she is transported back in time 14 years. The two will journey between past and present in this mysterious adventure.

Bayonetta 3 (Probably)

Release Date: 2020?

We haven’t heard much about Bayonetta 3 since it was announced in 2017, aside from Nintendo reminding us that it’s still in development during a Nintendo Direct earlier this year.

Since then, Platinum Games has released Astral Chain to great critical reception. We’re eager to see what the wicked witch is up to when it’s finally released, though. Here’s to hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 (Maybe?)

Release Date: 2020?

Okay, this one is a big maybe. After surprising fans during its E3 2019 Direct, Breath of the Wild 2 is officially underway. From the reveal trailer’s hinting at the possible return of a very sinister villain, it looks like a much darker adventure than Link’s previous outing – but we might get some help from a playable Princess Zelda.

Here’s what we want to see out of this sequel. Please, Nintendo. We’ve already collected all 900 Korok seeds and need something else to do.


Half-Life: Alyx

Release Date: March TBA 2020

While it may not be the Half-Life sequel fans have been hoping for since 2007’s Half-Life 2: Episode 2, it is a sequel…to the first game. Half-Life: Alyx is a VR adventure that takes place between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, and will follow protagonist Alyx Vance as she seeks to take down the Combine.

Screens – Half-Life: Alyx

Its campaign length is promised to be about the same length as Half-Life 2’s, so there will be plenty to experience. And, if you own a Valve Index, you’ll receive Alyx for free when it launches next March.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Release Date: TBA 2020

The long-dormant first-person shooter franchise returns, though it’s now in VR (and exclusive to the Oculus Rift) and is being developed by Respawn Studios, known for their work on the Titanfall series, Apex Legends, and the recent Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the events of WWII first-hand as you shoot your way across Europe.

Roller Champions

Release Date: Q2 2020

Set in the year 2029, Roller Champions arenas have been assembled all over the world for fans to gather to watch the unique roller skating/sports hybrid matches.

Roller Champions will be free-to-play and have plenty of unlockable customization options for your character.

Chivalry 2

Release Date: TBA 2020

Chivalry 2 looks to recreate massive medieval battles in first-person. With up to 64 players in a match, you’ll have the option to ride on horseback, shoot fire arrows, strike foes down with your greatsword, and more.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (Maybe?)

Release Date: TBA 2020

Bannerlord is the eagerly anticipated expansion for Mount & Blade II that’s (hopefully) due out in 2020. It promises to expand on sieges, creating massive battles in which hundreds of units storm the walls of fortified castles.

Additionally, there will be a team deathmatch-style multiplayer mode that will really test your abilities in combat.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Release Date: TBA 2020

In the follow up to 2004’s Evil Genius, your quest for world domination continues as you recruit and train a force of minions to undertake diabolical schemes on your behalf. You’ll also have the ability to create multi-level secret bases this time. Ah, yes…it’s all coming together now.

Age of Empires IV (Hopefully)

Release Date: 2020?

Microsoft announced a new studio during this year’s XO19 called World’s Edge who will be dedicated to continuing the Age of Empires franchise and overseeing Relic’s development of Age of Empires IV. Originally announced during Gamescom 2017, Microsoft has been fairly tight-lipped on the project until a recent trailer was revealed.

Creative director Adam Isgreen said earlier this year, “We’ve been hard at work on the game and we’re excited to share some of it with the world.” And to that, I say, “Wololo!”

Which exclusive are you most looking forward to in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

Matthew Adler is a Features and News writer for IGN who *checks notes* …wait, Metroid Prime 4 still doesn’t have a release date? I need my Metroid fix, Nintendo! You can follow him on Twitch @matthewadler and watch him on Twitch.

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