Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, and More

Well well well. It isn’t often that news from our beat makes it into the big leagues, but the titanic struggle between Fortnite maker Epic and the app store operators is making headlines everywhere. Keep reading for the latest gossip.

In other news, well, who cares. This week it’s all about the corporate kaiju battle.

For the latest new Android gaming releases and sales, check out the Saturday companion to this article.


The next DLC for acclaimed soulslike Pascal’s Wager is called Tides of Oblivion, and it’s coming next week. Apparently it’ll be the game’s biggest DLC so far, costing $2.99. Set in an around the sea, it sees you playing as Jerold. He looks a bit like Robert Pattinson, and you can see him in action in the trailer below.

Welcome to the story of the week. A few days ago Fortnite developer Epic decided to reignite its feud with Google (and Apple) by selling its V-Bucks virtual currency direct to players at a discount, thereby depriving the tech giants of their 30% cuts. We wondered how Google would respond. And then…

…Google swiftly pulled Fortnite from the Play Store, arguing that Epic had violated its terms and conditions. Epic clearly saw it coming, publishing a satirical video response mimicking Apple’s infamous 1984 Mac ad. Also, Epic is suing. Stay tuned!

Truberbrook is a gorgeous point-and-click adventure game in the tradition of LucasArts. The whole thing was shot in real life, using plasticine models and little sets, before undergoing digital cosmetic surgery. It’s got a neat setting, too: 1960s Germany at the height of the cold war nuclear arms race. The reviews are middling, but there’s a lot to recommend it all the same.

Just to underline how excited we were about EVE Echoes earlier in the week, we posted this just to remind everyone that it was coming.

Then NetEase reminded everybody that it EVE Echoes was coming by making it available to download a day early. The servers were still closed, though, so this was presumably to allow players to install the huge game in time to hit the ground (space) running (under some sort of rocket propulsion).

The first gameplay trailer for Marvel Realm of Champions tipped us all off as to what kind of game it’s going to be: a MOBA. We also got to see a variety of Marvel characters in custom costumes, including Hulk in a Covid-friendly face mask.


The latest Marvel Future Fight update is called Inhumans vs X-Men. It adds two new characters: Dazzler, a mutant singing superstar, and Thane, who is the (SPOILER ALERT) orphaned son of Thanos. There are also some new uniforms, and a new thing called Story Fragment.

Pet-collecting MMO StoneAge World has done pretty well for updates since it launched a few months ago. The latest is called Defeat Mino, and it adds a whole new family of pets – the mino family. There’s a new area, too, called The Quarry, where trainers can catch mammoths.

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