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Happy Sunday. Once again, a slow week in terms of new releases has been mitigated by a week of great stuff on the horizon, including a release window for Eve: Echoes and an update and price change for the lovely Hidden Folks.

To see what new games and sales you can get your hands on this week, check out the companion piece to this article.


Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a CCG from Portkey Games, the same developer that’s working on Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells with Zynga. This project is in collaboration with NetEase, and it sees you attending Hogwarts, learning spells, hanging out with your buddies, and generally having a fine time.

Hidden Folks, the sublime Where’s Wally?-inspired puzzler from Adriaan de Jongh, is undergoing some changes. First, it’s getting a six new areas in a free update. Second, it’s getting more expensive – but all of its DLC will be included in the download. The smart move is to buy now.

Pascal’s Wager, which is already out and receiving content updates on iOS, has finally got a release date on Android. It’s due to arrive on June the 25th. The game, in case you hadn’t heard, is a beefy mobile take on Dark Souls, with the tough, stamina-based combat and oppressive mood.

StoneAge World is essentially Pokemon, but with real-life animals – some of them contemporary, some ancient, and some pre-historic. It sees you playing as a trainer, of course, and if you pre-register right now you’ll start your adventure in the paleolithic period with a bunch of goodies.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, from Square Enix, was originally due to launch at some point this spring. Not any more. This free-to-play card-based RPG chronicles the early life of series baddie Xenahort, and it’ll be able through the same app as Kingdom Hearts Union X. More news in June.

Another title hit by delays, EVE: Echoes has a new launch window to aim for: August. This eagerly awaited mobile spin-off of the classic space MMO is set in an alternate universe, like a Star Trek movie. Check out the new trailer to see it in action.


Evil Hunter Tycoon, the urban management sim that came out a few weeks ago and has already been downloaded 2 million times, has just got a Darkness Front Yard update. It sees you entering a portal and fighting with maids and gardners. Apparently they’re tougher than they sound.

Magic: Manastrike, Netmarble’s officially licenced Magic: The Gathering spin-off, has just entered a new season. Ikoria II features a Magic Pass-exclusive skin for Tezzeret, a level boost voucher, and so on. There’s also a new card type, with three multicolored hybrid cards showing up in the game.

F1 Manager has been updated for the 2020 season. That means new team and driver line-ups, as well as liveries, a huge number of car components, and 12 competition series.

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