Android Gaming Headlines: Dungeon Dogs, Dixit, Tales of Crestoria, and More

It’s Sunday, and that means – well, it means a lot of different things, but one of the things it means is that Droid Gamers is rounding up the most interesting headlines of the previous seven days.

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Throughout the month of May, Jagex is holding a DMM tournament in Old School Runescape in support of the games industry’s #PlayApartTogether campaign. It involves starting from scratch and seeing how far you can get before the event ends, with winners and runners up getting cash and other prizes.

Arrog is a puzzle adventure game that draws on Latin American folklore, and involves helping a man to come to terms with his own mortality. FUN! You can expect minimal challenge but maximum audio-visual creativity from this game when it arrives in the summer.

Now that developer Pixonic has finished with with Dino Squad, it’s turned its attention back to War Robots – the blockbuster PvP shooter that propelled it to success. There’s a remastered version in the works, with updated graphics and an improved UI.

Dixit is a unique boardgame that sees one player describing a card, then the other players picking the card from their hand that this description most closely resembles, then everybody voting on the card they think the first player was describing. It’s less confusing that it sounds in practice.

Legends of Runeterra came out earlier this week, and when it did so it arrived with a new card set, along with all of the versions of the game that are already available. There’s an extra region, too. It’s called Bilgewater. Enjoy!

Castle Cats is an idle RPG in which you battle cats and recruit more into the feline army, mostly in absentia. It’s a hugely popular game, and its forthcoming sequel, set in the same universe, puts dogs centre stage.

Tales of Crestoria, from Namco Bandia, is a Japanese fantasy RPG with an epic story involving lovelorn teenagers. Yes, that description covers a lot of games, but Tales of Crestoria is a promising prospect for mobile, with solid anime visuals and a decent heritage in the Tales of series.

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