Android Gaming Headlines: Warcraft Mobile, Crash Bandicoot, Terraria Meltdown, and More

Last week wasn’t a stellar week for new Android games, but it more than made up for that in the headline department.

For a start, we’ve got a some highly promising new games to look forward to, including a Crash mobile game, a portable Apex Legends from the developer of Call of Duty: Mobile, and a smartphone port of Northgard.

And then we’ve got a juicy little scandal thanks to Terraria developer Andrew Spinks and his unexplained, understandably infuriating Google lockout.

Plus, not one by TWO investor call news nuggets. Read on!

Following a brief period off the beaten track with puzzle adventure MO: Astray and the forthcoming arcade action game Binary Gods, Rayark in back in its rhythm-action groove with Deemo II. The developer hasn’t given much away in terms of gameplay, but you know what to expect – some tight rhythm-action with a dreamy Ghibli-esque aesthetic.

It’s the Lunar New Year, which means special events in a whole host of games. Like World of Tanks. The event runs until February the 19th, and sees you earning red envelopes for destroying your enemies. You can then trade these for various goodies. There are discounts and all sorts of other things going on too. Tanks love a party.

Oh look – it’s another Lunar New Year event, this time in the awesome Soulslike Pascal’s Wager. You can buy the game for just $4.99 right now – a very reasonable price for one of the very best action-RPGs on mobile. Heck, it’s one of the best mobile games full stop, so you should take every chance you can get to snaffle it cheap.

Pokemon is 25, and to celebrate this milestone the game is set to hold an exclusive online concert featuring superstar rapper Post Malone. The concert takes place on February the 27th at 1900 EST / 1600 PST, and you’ll be able to watch it live on the Pokemon YouTube channel, as well as the Pokemon Twitch channel and the game’s anniversary website.

Rumors have inevitably been swirling around a possible mobile port of Apex Legends for a long time, but now the mists of speculation are clearing to reveal a Tencent port, with oversight from Respawn. Tencent, of course, is the studio behind mobile ports of Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile, so it’s an obvious choice for this highly anticipated project.

The genius of Funko Pop! Blitz has nothing to do with game design and everything to do with the clever pop culture partnerships it forges. This time it’s got The Princess Bride in its sights. Gameplay-wise, you need to drop a goblet down the screen to a waiting Vizzini. Westley, Fezzick, Buttercup, and Inigo Montoya are all collectable, as well as Vizzini himself.

Executives are frequently more forthcoming with investors than with mere journalists, which is why investor meetings are often goldmines, yielding nuggets of glimmering news. That’s how we know for a FACT that there are not one but several different Warcraft Mobile games in “advanced” development. Sadly that’s all we know.

We love a scandal, and this one was provided by Terraria developer Andrew Spinks. A few weeks ago, Spinks was locked out of his Google account for reasons he is still unable to discern. His games, movies, Google Drive content, and – worst of all – emails are beyond his reach, so last week he fought back by cancelling the Stadia version of Terraria and declaring that he would no longer with with Google.

But wait, the world said in one voice – what about the Android version of Terraria?

Phew. After an anxious couple of days, Re-Logic – the studio founded and run by Andrew Spinks – clarified its position on the versions of Terraria currently available on Google platforms. “Punishing customers who paid for our game on these platforms is not what we are about,” the developer said.

Northgard – the acclaimed strategy game in which you play as a band of plucky Viking raiders colonizing dangerous new lands – has got a release date on iOS. Sadly, Android gamers haven’t been included in the party, but we can expect to be playing Northgard before too long, complete with existing DLCs. The iOS price is $7.99, so budget for similar.

Remember earlier when we said investor calls are a great source of news? Well here’s more proof. Thanks to a call led by King president Humam Sakhnini we know that Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is coming in March. In case you haven’t been following it, the game is a highly promising 3D auto-runner with classic Crash characters, base-building, and more.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower has been generally well-received since it landed a few months ago. Now it’s stepping things up a gear by introducing a new champion every month. The first to be added to the roster is Hag Queen, the game’s first healer. There’s also a new news page, letting you stay up to date with the latest Silver Tower happenings.

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