Animal Crossing: 10 Neat and Helpful User Tools for Turnips, Trading, and More

There is no shortage of things to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons but thankfully, through the passion of the ACNH community, there is a variety of helpful tools and resources available to make your life easier.Whether you’re an aggressive Stalk Trader trying to maintain a healthy amount of bells in your ABD account or looking to remove a villager in exchange for one that better fits your island aesthetic, there is an Animal Crossing app, forum, or website that can make these projects more convenient and we’ve put the best together right here.

Every Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager

1. Nookazon

Like Amazon but for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nookazon is an online shop that sells everything from clothes and DIY recipes to K.K. songs and villagers. All you have to do is search for the item (or villager) you want, and a bunch of players looking to either sell, trade, or buy will come up. Transactions are done through Discord.

2. Animal Crossing Art Generator

If you’re looking to spruce up your island with some original decor but aren’t all that interested in creating it yourself, the Getty Animal Crossing Art Generator is a great tool. It takes images you upload and converts them into pixelized images with QR codes you can use in the game once you unlock the Able Sisters shop.

If you’re unsure how to use QR codes in New Horizons, check out our ACNH custom designs wiki guide.

3. Happy Island Designer

Perfect for players who don’t want to commit to an island design they have without seeing how it will look first, Happy Island Designer allows you to fully customize a map of an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. It includes buildings, bridges and inclines, plants and trees, and even the ability to mark paths use different shades of green to show elevation.

4. Turnip Calculator

Turnip and Stalk Market enthusiasts probably have the most tools at their disposal. The first we have on our list is the ACNH Turnip Calculator which lets players track their island’s turnip price patterns, allowing them to better predict when Timmy and Tommy will buy them for the best price.

5. Turnip Prophet

The next Turnip tool on our list is the Turnip Prophet, which works similarly to the Turnip Calculator but instead of only showing one possible output, it returns a variety of potential price patterns based on the information you enter.

6. Turnip Exchange

Possibly my personal favorite tool of the turnip trading bunch is the Turnip Exchange. This allows players to share their Dodo Code with large groups of players and have them queue up so their island doesn’t become flooded with visitors.

If you’ve ever had great turnip prices on your island and shared a Dodo Code with a large group of people then you know that it can quickly become a mess of notifications and waiting for people to come and go. The Turnip Exchange helps make it a more pleasant experience and it can be used for more than selling turnips on friend’s islands.

7. r/AdoptMyVillager

This Reddit is another option to consider when looking to move a villager off your island in exchange for the one you prefer. Players will ask for Nook Mile Tickets, Bells, and a variety of other items for highly sought after villagers so be prepared for those types of trades! The community is currently closed, but we’re keeping it here just in case it opens soon.

Check out our guides on how to get more Nook Miles and get bells fast in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to prepare for some of those more expensive villager trades.

8. ACNH Discord

This Discord server is owned by the people who run r/AC_NewHorizons on Reddit and is filled with Animal Crossing: New Horizons players looking to trade items, villagers, and even share QR codes. You can find channels on just about anything here.

9. Animal Crossing Checklists

IGN’s guide writers have been hard at work writing more than just how-to’s and material guides. We built a checklist feature that allows you to keep track of things like all K.K. Slider songs, bugs and fish by month, and seasonal recipes.

The information you check off is stored based on your cookies, so as long as they’re not cleared, your progress is saved without you even having to sign in. Below are a few you might find helpful:

10. Tumblr

If you’re looking for some cute fan-made Animal Crossing clothing or furniture patterns, Tumblr is filled with accounts that post QR codes with some pretty awesome designs. Here are some of the ones we frequent:
Know of some neat tools or ACNH communities that are not on this list? Leave them in the comments below and we can add them in! Be sure to also check out IGN’s investigation on how some of Animal Crossing’s biggest turnip trade tools were made.
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