Anticipated Level-Creation Platformer Levelhead has Arrived on Google Play

LevelHead Android

Levelhead, the hotly anticipated platformer from Crashlands developer Butterscotch Shenanigans, is out now on Android.

The game, which is already available on Steam, Xbox One, and Switch, is not just a platformer but a level creation tool, too. In fact, it’s a L.E.V.E.L. creation tool (Limited Exercises for eValuating EmployEe Limitations). Sure.

Like Little Big Planet and Super Mario Maker, it lets you build contraptions and stages and then share them with your fellow players for feedback and kudos. Naturally that means you can play levels that other players have created too. Levelhead boasts a powerful curation system, so the best levels are always easy to find. 

There are also 90 levels made by Butterscotch Shenanigans, if you prefer your platforming traditional. You can download Levelhead on Google Play right now for $6.99.

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