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This portion of the Ghost of Tsushima guide includes all the Bamboo Strike Locations across Act 1: Izuhara, Act 2: Toyotama, and Act 3: Kamiagata. Completing these Bamboo Strikes will increase Jin’s resolve which is used to heal in battle and execute special moves. In short, Bamboo Strikes will help you in combat.

Interact with the Bamboo Strike and you’ll have to follow several patterns to complete the strike. Don’t worry though, they’re all separate so you don’t have to do them perfectly back to back. Below are some tips for completing the strike.

Bamboo Strike Tips

  • Go quickly: Selecting each button immediately after the other. No errors’ no hesitation. Getting it correct isn’t enough; you need to be fast.
  • Memorize…: quickly memorizing the pattern is key. Some are easier than others. Chunk the pattern to make it easier, example: 3 Squares 2 Triangles.
  • or cheat!: if memory isn’t your strength, cheat! Write down the pattern and stare at it as you input the pattern. You can also just take a picture on a separate device or pull up a screenshot of the pattern on a separate monitor.
  • Turn on Simplified Controls in the Accessibility Menu: This means “sequences that require a series of rapid button presses will no longer have a time constraint” making it easier to complete the strike.

Below are all the Bamboo Strike locations in Act 1 – Rescue Lord Shimura which is the Izuhara portion of the map.

There’s a total of 6 Bamboo Strikes for you to find on this first area. Completing them will reward you with an increase on Jin’s Resolve.

Ariake Bamboo Strike ✓

Ariake Bamboo Strike Location: Houren’s Pasture

How to Get to Ariake Bamboo Strike: Head south through Houren’s Pasture, and just across the river you’ll find the Ariake Bamboo Strike. Press the button sequence correctly three times to upgrade your Resolve.


Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike ✓

Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike Location: Hiyoshi Springs

How to Get to Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike: In Hiyoshi Springs, the settlement left to the Hidden Springs Forest, you can find a new bamboo strike challenge. It will be revealed by an NPC that talks to you about trying out your sword in bamboo. Complete the three sets of button sequences and you’ll be done.

Tsutsu Bamboo Strike ✓

Tsutsu Bamboo Strike Location: Rustling Bend

How to Get to Tsutsu Bamboo Strike: Just across the river from Rustling Bend. It will only ask for three strikes, rewarding you with another step towards gaining another Resolve level.

Komoda Bamboo Strike ✓

Komoda Bamboo Strike Location: Komoda Town

How to Get to Komoda Bamboo Strike: You’ll find the Komoda Bamboo Strike in Komoda Town.

Kashine Bamboo Strike ✓

Kashine Bamboo Strike Location: Wanderer’s Pass

How to Get to Kashine Bamboo Strike: West of Wanderer’s Pass, close to the White Dye Merchant, you’ll find the Kashine Bamboo Strike.

Azamo Bamboo Strike ✓

Azamo Bamboo Strike Location: Azamo Bay

How to Get to Azamo Bamboo Strike: There’s a Bamboo Strike inside Azamo Bay. First, you need to liberate the city through Unfinished Business, a side mission unlock after The Broken Blacksmith. Once that’s done, just head towards the “?” in the map.

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