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The Missing Constellation[edit]

In The Missing Constellation, players must help Piano Novel search for his missing music across different streaming platforms and restore energy to mysterious constellations.

However, finding all of the missing music won’t always be easy. Are you up for the challenge?

Prometheus – FPS Demo[edit]

If you’re a fan of FPS games, you’ll likely want to try out the Prometheus – FPS Demo in Dreams.

Simply put, you’ll need to kill a bunch of aliens to reach the portal at the end of each level – but like most things, it won’t be quite that easy. However, a variety of weapons will certainly make it easier.

Super Great Job, Human[edit]

One of the best Dreams games in Super Great Job, Human, which is a lot like the world of Disney’s Wall-E. Players will play as a robot named ROM, who is trying to escape the planet.


You’ll need to help ROM out by locating various pieces of equipment scattered around the world so that it can escape once and for all.

Ruckus – Just Another Natural Disaster[edit]

In Ruckus – Just Another Natural Disaster your goal is simple, destroy things.

In a reversal of roles, instead of trying to save the town from a natural disaster, you are the natural disaster, and it’s up to you to cause as much chaos as possible. Simple, right?

Southpaw Cooking[edit]

The chef has arrived and it’s time to cook up a tasty meal for the customers, but there’s only one problem….you can only use one hand.

While it may sound simple, only being able to use one hand in the kitchen is quite challenging and makes for a…chaotic…time, to say the least.

Art Therapy[edit]

Art Therapy tells the story of a failed artist who is seeking revenge. After being rejected one to many times, you’ll do what any rational person would do – break things!

Players must sneak into the art gallery and destroy as many displays as possible within the three minute timer and avoid getting caught by security. Let the destruction begin!

The Offroad Lands[edit]

Let’s be honest, sometimes we just need a break from grinding XP and fighting overpowered bosses, and need to take a peaceful drive down the backroads.

In The Offroad Lands, players will do just that. Hop in your jeep and hit the roads, but be careful, it’ll be a bumpy ride!

Pip Gemwalker[edit]

In Pip Gemwalker, players will play as a monkey like creature who is hunting down hidden gems in seven different levels.

If you’re a fan of games like Captain Toad, you’ll probably want to check out one of the best Dreams games on PlayStation 4.

Blade Gunner[edit]

As the name implies, Blade Gunner is all about shooting, bombing, and blasting your way past enemies.

As players make their way through different hordes of enemies, you’ll be able to upgrade your items to more powerful weapons. As you might expect, this will come in handy along the way, especially since there is an endless wave of enemies..

The Pilgrim[edit]

Playing as a wizard named Harry, players will experience a platforming adventure of a lifetime in The Pilgrim.

With a mix of 2D and 3D platforming, players must explore, battle enemies, and solve puzzles.

Kuro: A Shadow’s Dream[edit]

In Kuro: A Shadow’s Dream, players will play as a lonely ninja named Kuro who is on a quest for Hidden Shuriken.

With two areas to explore, this Dreams creation allows players to experience a peaceful, 2D platformer.

Project Ikelos – Gameplay Demo[edit]

In this Dark Soul’s like Dreams PS4 creation, players will explore unknown areas, battle enemies, and more.

If you plan to play Project Ikelos, get ready for a fight, because some of these enemies will be tough to beat!


In Dinorama, players will play as Diego the Dinosaur. After discovering that a bunch of bests have invaded his home, Diego decides to do something about it.

It’ll be up to you to help Diego uncover all of the unwelcome pests and get rid of them once and for all.

Beyond the Nightmare[edit]

After getting a massive headache, Sam decides to head home and rest. However, before he can get there, he passes out and wakes up in a strange place.

In Beyond the Nightmare, players must unravel the mystery behind what happened to Sam and figure out how to escape before it’s too late.

Spherical – Demo[edit]

Spherical is a lot like a mobile game you probably played three years ago. Simply put, you must keep the ball on the platform, if it falls, you die.

Sounds simple right? Let us know how many levels you complete.

This wraps up our list of the 15 best Dreams games that we’ve found. Got a suggestion? Let us know in the comments below.

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