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Below are a few of our favorite combinations. Some of these may support your playstyle more than others depending on your skillset and personal preferences.

Magnify and Cure[edit]

Really magnify is your best friend – this is an obvious one, but a mass heal is never unappreciated.

Magnify and Barrier[edit]

You won’t need to heal if you’re not taking much damage. Protect yourself from even the more gruesome attacks by magnifying barrier.

Warding grants resistance to the linked materia, and Binding gives you resistance to Sleep and Silence (as well as berserk). When Warding is leveled up all the way it will grant complete immunity.

Inactive Character Combo: Steadfast Block, Auto-Cure, Provoke[edit]

When you’re not playing a character, they’re more apt to block attacks, so Steadfast Block Materia is good for them because they’ll increase their ATB faster while you’re not controlling them. Same, Auto-Cure and Provoke are good for a character you don’t want to play. They’ll heal and take the heat off of you when you’re in a pinch.

Give this character the Crescent Moon Charm, which reduces damage taken when equipped by non-active characters, too.


Any Magic and Elemental Materia[edit]

Elemental Materia adds linked elemental damage when slotted on your weapon and halves linked elemental damage taken when slotted on your accessories.

Slot it offensively or defensively. This can be a great way for Cloud‘s physical attacks to do some damage even when the enemy is more vulnerable to magic.

Any Magic and Magic Up[edit]

Whoever you have casting spells could always use a little boost to their magic damage. Consider adding a magic accessory such as Earrings (which increases magic power by 5%).

ATB Assist (Tifa)[edit]

Tifa’s all about Speed, which heavily increases the rate at which she gains ATB, letting her unleash abilities all the time. ATB Assist Materia increases your allies’ ATB each time the character it’s equipped on uses ATB Commands back to back.

Unbridled Strength can be used twice in a row quickly. Getting someone to cast Haste on Tifa strengthens this combo even more until she becomes an ATB factory, especially since her unique Ability (activated by pressing triangle) builds her ATB as well!

Refocus (Aerith)[edit]

Refocus is a Limit Break which will give Aerith 3 ATB Bars, so she’ll be able to unleash three devastating magic attacks in a row after using the combo. Equip her with the Clarity Pendant as well, because it automatically refills all ATB once Refocus is used.

Magnify and Any Magic (Fire/Ice/etc) With Aerith’s Arcane Ward[edit]

Aerith’s Arcane Ward makes it so anyone standing on it casts their magic twice. Stand on the Arcane Ward and use any magic attached to Magnify to deal dame to all enemies twice.

First Strike Materia with Whistlewind Scarf[edit]

Both of these make the character start battles with ATB already filled. We like to give this combo to Cloud so he can start off battles with a Triple Strike, or to Aerith so she can start battles off immediately with Magnify x Magic Materia.

This is more effective in short battles against small enemies instead of in long fights against bosses. Perfect for Colosseum challenges.

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