Beyond Good and Evil 2: Release Date, Gameplay, and What We Know So Far

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been anticipated by fans since the first game released in 2003. After several delays, Ubisoft finally confirmed the prequel was in development at E3 2017. Creator Michel Ancel revealed a month later that technical issues contributed to the announcement delays and the team wanted BGE2 to have planet exploration, space, travel, and cities — all features they wanted for the original. Since then, Ubisoft has slowly revealed more details about Beyond Good and Evil 2. Characters Jade and Pey’j are confirmed to return as well as fan-favorite, the Mammago. There is still plenty we don’t know, however, so while we wait to hear more, here’s a roundup of what we know so far about Beyond Good and Evil 2.

What is the Beyond Good and Evil 2 Release Date?

An official Beyond Good and Evil 2 release date has not been announced by Ubisoft and it seems it will be some time until it arrives. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was not present at E3 2019, and during the Q3 FY2020 investors call, Ubisoft announced that it would be releasing five AAA games by early 2021, but confirmed Beyond Good and Evil 2 was not one of them.

What Does Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay Look Like?

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an action-adventure role-playing game where players will create a customizable character, either human or hybrid, with their own unique story and low social stature. With only a sword, gun, and a jetpack as basic equipment, players will traverse the open world — either by foot, in vehicles, or ships in space — and assemble a ragtag crew in a fight for freedom.

As a “massive, seamless online environment”, Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay will offer both a single-player and co-op experience where players can participate in shared world events. Players are not tethered to each other, however, and can play together or part ways at any time.

Parts of the Good and Evil 2 experience can be created by fans. Developers have announced that it is partnering with the Space Monkey Program to collaborate on art and music that will appear in the game.

What Is Beyond Good and Evil 2’s Story?

Beyond Good and Evil takes place in a multicultural world in a far-off solar system called “System 3”. Set sometime in the 24th Century, players will play as space pirates attempting to take back control from evil corporations that have taken over.

The main storyline appears to be centered around a new character named Dakini, a captain of a ship called the Gada. She goes missing while searching for Moksha’s Gate and a new captain, Shani, along with some of her crew have set out to uncover the mystery.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Location Art

For a deeper dive into the game’s story, be sure to check out our list of five interesting details from the sequel and our in-depth look at how developers are promising a planet-sized RPG.


The E3 2018 trailer seems to show Jade, the main protagonist of the original game, as one of the main antagonists in Beyond Good and Evil 2. The upcoming title will feature a younger version of Jade and will explore her past as a pirate hunter. The trailer also reveals characters Pey’j and the Rhino-hybrid Mammagos will be returning in the prequel.

Some other characters in Beyond Good and Evil 2 include:

  • Shani – Ship mechanic
  • Callum – Chief Engineer
  • Uma – Chief Medical Officer
  • Knox – Chief spy
  • Dakini – Gada crew captain
  • Zhou Yuzhu – Crime boss and collector
  • Li Daiyu – Madam running Zhou’s backrooms

IGN sat down with the team at Ubisoft Montpellier to get a better idea of all of the old and new characters confirmed in the E3 2018 trailer, which you can watch below.

When is the Beyond Good and Evil 2 Beta?

There are no definitive dates set for the Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta thus far. In 2018, Beyond Good and Evil creator Michel Ancel shared Ubisoft was aiming for a playable beta by the end of 2019. However, four months into 2020, there is still no word from Ubisoft or Ancel on when players can expect a beta.

A Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta signup page does exist and states, “We have not defined what gaming platforms BGE2 will release on and aren’t ready for a beta phase.” The silver lining is that it sounds like Ubisoft is planning on having a beta at some point, we just aren’t sure when.

Andrew Smith is a freelance contributor with IGN. Follow him on Twitter @_andrewtsmith.

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