Billie Eilish’s Mom Was in Saints Row and Mass Effect 2

You probably know who Grammy award-winning singer Billie Eilish is. But do you know who her mom is and, more importantly, did you know that she’s been in a number of video games?

This was brought to light after a tweet from Guild Wars 2 composer Maclaine Diemer went viral that mentioned Billie Eilish’s mom, whose name is Maggie Baird, plays Samara in Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Samara is the blue-skinned Asari Justicar who you can have as a squadmate and also romance so long as you veer on the paragon side of morality. So that might mean you romanced Billie Eilish’s mom in Mass Effect.

Baird is primarily an actor for film and television, having appeared in the likes of The X-Files, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bones, and Eragon. She also wrote, co-produced, and made the soundtrack for the 2013 film Life Inside Out.

But Baird has also been a voice actor for games since at least 1999 when she played a role in the hybrid tank/FPS game Battlezone II: Combat Commander. Since then, she’s played Anezka in Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption, Amni Rhyza in Rogue Squadron, and been a voice in EverQuest II.

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She then went on to give her voice to a Stilwater Resident in Saints Row, and was various characters in Saints Row 2. Other than playing Samara in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, she also did additional voices for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

It was recently announced that Billie Eilish will perform the title song for No Time to Die. That makes her the youngest artist in history to write and record a Bond song.

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