Bizarre Cereal-Based Doom Conversion, Chex Quest Getting Steam Remake

An HD remake of ’90s cereal box Doom conversion, Chex Quest will arrive on Steam this summer. There’s a sentence we bet you weren’t expecting.
Chex Quest HD received a Steam page yesterday, boasting upgraded graphics, six playable characters and split-screen multiplayer. The current release date is listed as Summer 2020.

For the uninitiated, Chex Quest was a 1996 DOS game developed by Digital Cafe that people could find by purchasing boxes of Chex cereal. The game was a total conversion modification of id Software’s Doom – albeit one that removed all displays of violence, replacing the plot and mobs with aliens and… pieces of cereal.

You play as the Chex Warrior, a soldier adorned in armour made out of the eponymous cereal. The Chex Warrior repels the Flemoids from the planet Bazoik with his Zorchers, liberating captured colonists in the process. Naturally, the game garnered quite the cult following in the decades since the promotion and the original Chex Quest was re-released in 2019 by Chex manufacturer General Mills.

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Chex Quest HD has been in development since 2016 by Team Chex Quest Studio and Flight School Studio, responsible for 2018’s Island Time VR.

Meanwhile, the original Chex Quest is receiving a physical launch thanks to Limited Run Games. The Chex Warrior Edition of Chex Quest will contain a full-scale Zorcher Replica, a piece of memorabilia that I imagine will be a high-demand item for any Chex Quest enthusiast worth their salt.

Jordan Oloman hails from the United Kingdom and therefore does not understand why you’re all enamoured by this cereal game. Tell him what Chex is on Twitter.

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