Bloodshot: Valiant Comic-Movie to Be Turned Into a Video Game

Comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment will make games based on some of its comics, including Bloodshot and Ninjak.

As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, Valiant will partner with game developer Blowfish Studios to create the adaptations. This isn’t Valiant’s first time making games out of its comics either, as the iconic Turok series was based on a series of its own.

According to THR’s report, CEO of DMG Entertainment (Valiant’s parent company) Dan Mintz said they are “thrilled to bring Valiant’s characters back into the video game industry and give fans the opportunity to play as their favorite superheroes.”

Blowfish head of publishing Michael Bolden said “I’ve always been a fan of characters like Ninjak, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar,” and that “Valiant’s universe presents a wealth of unique characters and rich stories that we look forward to introducing to fans as an interactive experience worldwide.”

Mintz also said it was a good time for Valiant to re-enter the games market with the looming release of a Bloodshot movie adaptation in 2020 starring Vin Diesel. You can watch Bloodshot’s debut trailer below, and read why Diesel wanted to play the role here.

How Bloodshot Went From Comic Book Hero to Movie Star

While it’s not yet clear if Diesel will be involved with the game, he did recently reveal one of his own: Fast and Furious: Crossroads, a game adaptation of his long-running, family-focused (not to be confused with family-friendly) movie series.

No other details were given about what types of games the Valiant adaptations will be, when we can expect them, or if they’ll follow any existing story arcs.

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