Borderlands 3 Gets a New Limited-Time Event and Mayhem Mode Overhaul

Borderlands 3 has announced two new free updates, one which expands the end-game called Mayhem Mode 2.0 and a limited-time event that takes you on a raid on an infamous cartel leader.The first free update is called Mayhem Mode 2.0 and it expands Borderlands 3’s endgame system with new challenges and rewards. Mayhem is a mode that unlocks after beating the main campaign for Borderlands 3 that lets players select random difficulty modifiers in exchange for better loot.

Mayhem 2.0 adds 25 new modifiers that range from potentially helpful, to more challenging like Drone Ranger which gives enemies a healing drone. Modifiers are rated from Easy, Medium, Hard, or Very Hard and there are 10 difficulty levels. Modifiers are chosen at random, but always from your chosen rating pool. Stats for weapon drops improve the higher the level, and starting at level 6 specific bosses can drop one of eight brand new Legendary weapons. There’s also a new Mayhem Mode options tab in your ECHO device menu.

The second free update is a new LTE called Revenge of the Cartels. Maurice gets into trouble from cartel kingpin Joey Ultraviolet and you’ll need to infiltrate his mansion Villa Ultraviolet to help your indebted crewmate.

New Cartel enemies have spawned around the galaxy, defeat enough of them and you’ll earn the coordinates to Joey’s villa. When you get to the villa you’ll have to face one of three distinct factions of the Eridium Cartel, with each gang having their own unique Underbosses and Legendary loot pool. You’ll have to visit the villa multiple times to face each faction and their unique loot pool.

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Gearbox says you’ll never face the same gang faction twice in a row. Additionally, there are 18 new limited-time challenges for Revenge of the Cartels that players can complete for cosmetic rewards.

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Matt Kim is a reporter for IGN.

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