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Here’s the best tips and strategy for Gears Tactics’ Brumak boss fight.

Welcome to the first boss fight of Gears Tactics, featuring the familiar Brumak: A towering Godzilla-like Locust creature with rocket launchers strapped to its back and two very big feet. After Mikayla took a chunk out of Ukkon (with it seemingly not mattering one bit), the Locust have launched their massive counter-offensive, and your squad is now split up.

This first boss can prove to be very difficult if you don’t maximize each squadmate’s turns. This fight is going to largely be about keeping the Brumak too busy to stomp on you while also defending yourself against Wretches and Hammerburst Drones emerging from E-holes.

Ability Description
Chaingun Two chainguns attached to its arms, which can hit you from long range. You can permanently disable these with enough shots, although it will easily take a few turns to do that even if you focus on one arm.
Missile Launcher This first launches two missiles, and highlights a moderately large circular area you’ll need to be out of by the end of your turn if you want to avoid receiving massive damage. After you deplete a third of the Brumak’s health bar, it will start launching three missiles. There’s no way to disable this weapon. On the bright side, you can possibly kite other Locust forces to be in these missile circles when they land, almost assuredly killing them.
Stomp Attack The Brumak will raise a foot and stomp on any squadmate close enough, knocking them back a few feet, dealing a huge amount of damage. In my experience, this took off at least one-third to one-half of a fully healed squadmate’s health bar, so retreat if you have the means. On the bright side, this attack also affects any Locust forces also caught in its stomp, likely killing them.

The boss fight starts with two members of your squad in the street, just below the position you took at the end of the bridge mission prior to this. The other two will be at the opposite end of the map, further north. You’ve got one turn before the Brumak really starts barreling down on your position, but missiles are already about to land, so get out of those red circles ASAP.

Within a turn or two, an E-hole is going to open up at the north end of the map. You should be able to position the closest two squadmates to provide overwatch on that, but careful if the Brumak decides you’re his first target, as you’ll be pressured from missile fire and likely not close enough to toss a precious frag grenade in there.

Aside from defending against any extra Locust, your main plan of attack here should be to use one squadmate to fire at the canisters on the Brumak’s back, which depletes its health bar. Once that squadmate has landed a shot, the Brumak will automatically turn around (even if it’s still your turn), which then in turn exposes its backside to the other two squadmates.

This means you should be able to get 2-3 shots off at the Brumak per turn, unless you’re dealing with extra Locust forces. If you’ve got the shot to waste, feel free to shoot at one of his chaingun arms. Even just reducing one of his attacks will help immensely, as dodging the missiles is easy enough unless you’re caught in a Locust’s overwatch/attack of opportunity periphery.


Two areas to avoid: The sandbagged bunker area near the blue fortified wall and the street corner at the end of that blue wall. For one, the Brumak loves to pin anybody in here, stomping them to bits. An E-hole will open up at the end of the blue wall, which gives a group of Wretches enough room to swarm you in the bunker and add to your doom.

It’s very possible to lose this fight and to lose a squadmate, so try your best to make this end as quickly as possible. Once the Brumak dies, it doesn’t matter if any other Locust are around. The mission will end automatically.

Congrats. You just beat your first Gears Tactics boss, and it only gets tougher from here.

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