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Bunny Day is an annual special event held in the Animal Crossing series, although each new release has changed the holiday slightly.

  • The event lasts April 1st – 12th.
  • Features a visit from Zipper T. Bunny.
  • Includes an Egg Hunt Challenge: the trailer reveal Egg locations to include the markings in the ground (where you typically find fossils) and in the oceans/rivers (obtained via fishing). In previous games cracking rocks and shaking trees also yielded these colorful eggs.
  • New Egg-based DIY Recipes: such as archways, tables, stools, and more.

Zipper T. Bunny

Zipper is a new Special Character who will visit your island during the bunny day event.

Zipper is a funny character featuring a large zipper on his back, suggesting he is actually another character or villager wearing a bunny suit. Sarcastic and humorous dialogue lines often support this theory, with Zipper complaining about being hot in his suit in Pocket Camp.

In Pocket Camp, Zipper is sensitive about his suit, claiming it’s rude to call it a costume and that it is, in fact, NOT a costume.

Zipper wears an askew visor and is generally larger in size than other villagers.

Bunny Day Tips & Tricks[edit]


More information about Bunny Day, tips and tricks and information on getting all the eggs or special items, will be available as we get more information.

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