Buy Apex Legends Coins for Cheap: How to Get 2150 Apex Legends Coins for 99p

With Season 3 of Apex Legends now live it’s only natural demand for new skins and unlockables to increase. It’s possible to earn new cosmetics simply by playing, but purchasing Apex Legends coins is a fast-track way to getting extras (although you’re not guaranteed to get what you want).Apex Legends coins are only used to unlock cosmetics, characters and weapons – they do not provide any actual advantage in the game, so it’s not ‘pay-to-play’ via the currency,

There is a way to reduce the cost of Apex Legends coins by £15 via cashback from Quidco (follow the steps below). This means you can get 2,150 Apex Legends Coins for 99p, 4,350 Coins for £17.99, 6,700 Coins for £34.99 and 11,500 Coins for £64.99.

How to Get £15 off Apex Legends Coins (PS4/Xbox One)

Get 2,150 Apex Legends Coins for 99p

Follow the steps below to get your £15 cashback when shopping for Apex Legends coins at GAME.

How to receive cashback?

  • Sign-up to Quidco and you will be redirected to Quidco’s deals’ page
  • Visit GAME on Quidco and click ‘Shop Now’
  • Spend £15 or more on Apex Ledends coins
  • Receive £15 cashback from Quidco once your purchase is confirmed
  • Withdraw your earnings to your Bank, PayPal or as Gift Vouchers

Editor’s Note: The sign-up bonus is available to new Quidco members only with no previous purchases or cashback. Valid between 00:00 12/02/2019 and 23:59 31/03/2019.

Want Apex Legends Coins for Cheap on PC?

Unfortunately GAME don’t sell PC Apex Legends Coins. But don’t feel left out; we’ve teamed up with SCDKey to provide readers a discount code (IGN4) so they can enjoy 4% off already discounted Apex Legends Coins. This coupon can be used site-wide so if you’re already a Quidco customer, you can use the code (IGN4) on PlayStation network cards to get PS4 Apex Legends Coins for cheap too.

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