Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Glitch Lets Players Explore Battle Royale Map

A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare glitch will allow players to explore what appears to be an upcoming battle royale map. While a battle royale mode hasn’t been officially confirmed by Activision, the glitch seemingly allows players to explore the Ground War/Battle Royale playing area.Discovered by Reddit user KingBreezoR and reported by Eurogamer, players can test out the glitch for themselves by playing a private match on the map Vacant. Once you’ve begun the game, simply use the free spectating feature and spawn camera to roam throughout the area. The Vacant map is set within Port of Verdansk, which is the large Ground War map. Here is where the glitch gets fun — you’ll be able to travel outside of the Vacant boundaries and explore new, unreleased areas in Modern Warfare

.Credit: Reddit user KingBeezoR

Credit: Reddit user KingBeezoR

The map itself isn’t a fully rendered version of the battle royale playing area. Rather, think of it more like a Google Earth VR version, where the closer you get to the ground, the choppier the graphics get. It’s clear that this version of the battle royale map is designed as a backdrop/skybox for the Vacant map.

This might have been the same glitch that allowed a Redditor to discover what seems to be a new battle royale map and features in November. The new map leak also seemingly confirmed a new battle royale feature called “Gulag,” where eliminated players will have a chance to battle 1 vs. 1, with the victor getting to respawn.

12 days ago, another Redditor managed to post a video of an aerial view of the supposed battle royale map, showing off the landscape in slightly more detail.

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The new map seems to combine the Spec Ops and Ground War maps, resulting in one giant map, according to leaks. As Eurogamer points out, this means that it’s possible that players have been playing on the battle royale map (in a sense) since launch and simply weren’t aware of the new areas, which have now been uncovered.Activision hasn’t officially acknowledged the glitch as of yet, but it’s safe to assume that they’ll likely address it as soon as possible in order to avoid further leaks. The company also hasn’t made any formal announcement about Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode, or when we can expect to see it release.

It was recently revealed that Modern Warfare players have spent over 57,000 years in multiplayer matches, which has only increased with the new holiday update.

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