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Character Customization Available at the Start[edit]

You can customize everything from the start of the game. Unlike previous Animal Crossing games, you get full control! Instead of answering a cryptic quiz you can customize your character as part of the check-in procedure. You’ll be asked your name, birthday, and then have to take a passport picture. This is where you can customize from the options below.

Note: Facial features, hair, clothing, and accessories are no longer defined by gender.

Skin Tones[edit]

There are 8 skin tones to choose from initially.

Hairstyles and Hair Colors[edit]

There are 8 initial hair styles and 8 hair colors to choose from initially.



There are 14 sets of eyes and 6 eye colors to choose from initially.


There are 3 nose options and 4 mouth options to choose from initially.


There are 3 cheek styles to choose from (no blush, heavy blush, light blush) and 2 cheek tones (pink or skin tone colored) to choose from initially.

How to Customize Your Character (Later)[edit]

You’re not locked into your original customization choices. You can customize your character any time by looking in your mirror or vanity.

How to Unlock More Customization Options[edit]

There are likely multiple ways to unlock more customization options but at the time of writing the only way that has been confirmed is through Nook Miles.

Confirmed Unlockable Hairstyles:

Confirmed Unlockable Hair Colors:

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