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XCOM: Chimera Squad introduces itself as a smaller spin-off in the series, but that does not necessarily means the campaign is any easier this time around.

Along with our tips and tricks, there’s a list of cheat codes that you can use to further customize your experience. This guide will explain how to do so, along with the full list of cheats.

How to Activate the Console[edit]

The first thing you need to do is to go to the game’s folder. This can be done through Steam’s client by right-clicking the name on the library list, and choosing Properties – Local Files – Browse Local Files. Otherwise, the route should be Steam/steamapps/common/Xcom Chimera Squad/Binaries/Win64.

Look for the game’s executable file, which should be named “xcom.exe”. Right-click on it and create a shortcut for it. Right click on said shortcut, choose Properties, and at the end of the “target” field, add: -allowconsole -autodebug. After the change, it should read as “XCom.exe” -allowconsole -autodebug” without a period. As clarification, this is usually done in the launch options setting in Steam, but the method doesn’t work for XCOM: Chimera Squad (thanks to Gameplay for the clarification.)

Cheats List[edit]

The console can be then opened using ~, and this is the full list of commands available that you’ll need to write down manually:

  • God – Immortality mode.
  • Ghost – Ghost Mode.
  • Skipai – Skip enemy turns.
  • Killallais – Kill all AI (including capture targets).
  • GiveResource Credits 100 – Get 100 credits.
  • GiveResource Elerium 100 – Get 100 elerium.
  • GiveResource Intel 100 – Get 100 intelligence.
  • GiveItem Medikit 10 – Get 10 med kits.
  • GiveItem VenomRounds 10 – Get 10 poison ammo.
  • GiveItem APRounds 10 – Get 10 armor-piercing rounds.
  • GiveItem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup 10 – Give 10 Superior Stocks.
  • GiveItem AimUpgrade_Sup 10 – Give 10 Superior Scopes.
  • GiveItem ClipsizeUpgrade_Sup 10 (Ext. Magazine) – Get 10 extended stores.
  • GivemeTonsOfResources – Get 10,000 credits, elerium and intelligence each.
  • GiveXP [Character Name] 500 – Give 500 experience to [Character Name].

If you’re looking for extra supplies, you can use the following commands and just indicate the desired quantity after a space. For example, spawning 5 keycards would read as AutokeyCard 5. Here’s the list:

  • AutokeyCard – Automatic Key Card.
  • BreachingCharge – Explosives for penetration.
  • CeasefireGrenade – Disorientation Grenade.
  • FlashbangGrenade – Light Noise Grenade.
  • SmokeGrenade – Smoke Grenade.
  • TracerRounds – Precision Bullets.
  • TranqRounds – Sleeping Bullets.

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