Check Out Nintendo’s Adorable, Detailed, and Extremely Popular Animal Crossing Booth at PAX East

It’s PAX East time again, and while some big names pulled out over coronavirus concerns, there’s still an overwhelming number of games and sites to take in. Probably the most popular, based on early observations, is Nintendo’s incredible Animal Crossing booth.Take a look at the PAX East Animal Crossing booth in the gallery below, although photos don’t really do it justice:

PAX East Nintendo Animal Crossing Booth

Not only is the booth a faithful recreation of the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

, there are chances to get your photo take with Isabelle or Tom Nook, as well as other parts of the Animal Crossing experience, like fishing and bug catching.

Yesterday, PAX East’s first day, had both the line for game demos and the line for photos closed due to overwhelming demand from those in attendance. It’s easily the most popular booth at PAX East so far, but today is only the second day.

Gearbox had its main theater panel yesterday, showing off the new DLC Love, Guns and Tentacles, as well as a surprise appearance by Borderlands movie director Eli Roth, who said he dreams of casting real-life Borderlands cosplayers as psychos in the movie, and then killing them gruesomely (for the movie).

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