Check Out This Crazy DBZ Statue in the Kakarot Collector's Edition

Arguably the biggest game release of the month is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, which lands on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 17. It recounts the story of Dragon Ball Z by putting you in the shoes of Goku, as well as Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks. It’s a full-on action-RPG, complete with character progression, world exploration, side quests, and the like. You can learn many more details in our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot preview.

If you’re ready to lock in your preorder, you’re in luck: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is available at several retailers. We have all the information you need below, including preorder bonuses and details about what comes in each edition. Read on for the goods.

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We got a chance to check out the collector’s edition for ourselves – you can see the unboxing video at the top of this page, or scroll through the gallery above for a more detailed examination.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Collector’s Edition


Xbox One

The collector’s edition has been sold out everywhere for months, but it’s back in stock now. It comes with the following items:

  • Hardcover game art book
  • Collectible steelbook
  • Exclusive diorama figure

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Standard Edition


Xbox One


The standard edition comes with the game itself and any applicable preorder bonuses.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Preorder Bonuses

dragon-ball-z-kakarot-preorder-bonusesPreorder Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and you’ll receive the following in-game items:

  • An additional sub-quest
  • Early access to Bonyu’s training
  • 1 cooking item

Also, if you preorder from the PlayStation Store, you’ll receive a Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot PS4 theme. Preorder from GameStop, and you’ll get an exclusive Kakarot Figpin.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Deluxe Edition

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Xbox One


The digital-only deluxe edition comes with the game, as well as the following:

  • Season Pass (two original episodes and a new story)
  • A Cooking Item that gives your character permanent Ki-ATK, Ki-DEF and HP Stat boosts

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Ultimate Edition



Xbox One


The digital-only ultimate edition comes with the game, as well as the following items:

  • Season Pass (2 original episodes and a new story)
  • A Cooking Item that gives your character permanent Ki-ATK, Ki-DEF and HP Stat boosts
  • Music Compilation Pack (11 additional songs from the anime, available Spring 2020)
  • The Tao Pai Pai Pillar (available Spring 2020)

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