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This ACNH custom designs guide highlights some of the best codes to use for custom fireworks for the Fireworks Festival Event.

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Below are the dates and times for the Fireworks Festival. Keep in mind that if you want your custom fireworks to appear in the sky, you need to speak to Isabelle that day BEFORE the event takes place.

These times are the same for both the northern and southern hemisphere. Below is every Sunday in August where you can see fireworks.

Date Time
08/02/20 7 pm – 12 am

Players can speak to Isabelle earlier that day to create custom fireworks designs, which will then be featured in the show above them. Speak to her and select up to 10 custom designs. She’ll remember whatever you selected for next time too! But be sure to swap them out if you want something new.

  • Make or download designs with transparent backgrounds because they’re the easiest ones to see.
  • Solid color backgrounds are also easier to see.
  • Flags will be cropped to fit the Firework “circle”
  • Keep it as simple as possible because details will get lost when the explosion goes off.


How to See Your Custom Fireworks in Action

You may be wondering why your custom fireworks aren’t appearing but don’t worry. It can take a few minutes but your custom fireworks will explode (consecutively, in the order you set them). Just take a seat and keep your eye on the sky.

Original Designs

ACNH – Original Firework Designs


ACNH – Splatoon Firework Designs


ACNH – Pokemon Firework Designs

Final Fantasy

Item Description Design ID Creator/Town
Cactuar MO-85TR-Q29J-27NH Tatum, Apple Cove
Tonberry MO-4CSD-J83V-C6ND Tatum, Apple Cove
Kupo! MO-TML8-2CP8-SGN9 Tatum, Apple Cove

ACNH – Final Fantasy Firework Designs

The Legend of Zelda

Item Description Design ID Creator/Town
Majoras Mask MO-TMHS-8BGP-QRKM Rachel, Spaghetti


Star Wars

Item Description Design ID Creator/Town
Rebel Alliance MO-VKTW-271B-JT9H four_tony, Toney


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