Destiny 2: Final Part of Warmind Rasputin ARG Solved After Two Years

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player has solved one of the game’s puzzles two years after the mystery was first added.User Javano posted the solution to Twitter, which they discovered with the help of another player, Bachmanetti. The puzzle in question is part of the Rasputin ARG that was added as part of the Warmind expansion. The puzzle features six icons that, when deciphered, provides three cipher keys that help decode a message which reveals a real-world location. That location has (or rather, had) a stash of Destiny goodies, which have long since been looted because the ARG was solved ages ago. Well, sort of.Two of the cyphers were discovered, but the final one – the world ‘MECHANIZED’ – was worked out through dogged determination and trial-and-error by the Destiny community. And so while the ARG was solved, one part of the puzzle was never truly answered. Until Bachmanetti figured it out, that is.

Javano posted a transcript of his IM messages with Bachmanetti on Twitter, showing them backtrack from the answer in hope of discovering the true solution. The only clue they had was the icon – a diamond – and the suggestion that it was related to a weapon. They had a hunch that it was the Sleeper Stimulant, presumably because it’s a Rasputin pattern exotic introduced in Warmind.

Bachmanetti quickly realised that the diamond icon in the puzzle is identical to the reticle of the Sleeper Stimulant’s sight, and then made the connection with a warning sign seen on the wall of one of the Mars environments. The community believed the sign was part of the puzzle, as other clues on the map led to it. Within the next five minutes of making the connection, Bachmanetti jumped into the game, took the Sleeper Stimulant to the sign, and solved the puzzle. By lining up the scope with an identical diamond shape on the sign, the calibration lines on the edge of the reticle underlines letters, which when rearranged spell out MECHANIZED.

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Bachmanetti and Javano may not receive a prize for their discovery – the real life stash of Warmind engraved coins was discovered in May 2018 – they have finally found the missing piece of a two year old puzzle.

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