Disney World’s $200 Lightsaber Can Change Colors With This Hack

If you’ve visited the new Star Wars theme park in Disney World or Disney Land, then you’re likely familiar with the lightsaber experience which allows visitors to customize their own lightsaber. If you’ve been or are planning to go, a new hack has been discovered that will allow you to change the color of your Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber without much technical experience.Discovered by Riot Games’ Gene Chorba and reported by Polygon, changing the color of your lightsaber is as simple as reprogramming the RFID code in your weapon.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Full Park and Ride Photos

When customizing a lightsaber, you’ll be able to choose a Kyber crystal of your choice which determines its color. However, it seems that the color of your lightsaber is actually determined by the RFID code within the crystal — which can be reprogrammed with an RFID reader/writer, which you can buy on Amazon for somewhere in the ballpark of $28. Here’s a handheld RFID writer if you care to make a purchase. As for the actual process of changing the RFID tag, a simple Google search should take care of you.

So if you’ve decided to leave the light side and move to the dark side — or vice versa — it won’t cost you another $200.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Full Park and Ride Photos

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