Everything We Know About Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Visiting Characters

Keeping in tradition with the series, you can befriend (and kick out) the villagers who come to inhabit your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are some characters, however, that aren’t potential neighbors (or nuisances), but occasional visitors or vendors that bring along special items to sell or trade. Some may ask for favors in exchange for something cool or even host themed events on the island.

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Many of these characters won’t appear until certain requirements have been met. Some of the most common requirements are upgrading Resident Services, unlocking Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters store, and having at least a few villagers living on the island. Once those requirements have been met, characters like Celeste, Kicks, and Flick will drop by to visit! Some visit weekly on the same day (like Daisy Mae) while others are random and unpredictable. Below we’ve included many of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons visiting characters we know about and when you can expect them.

This guide is being updated as we gather more information!


Blather’s sister Celeste is an occasional visiting character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She’s an owl with a deep red color, pink bow, and peach and white diamond pattern across her belly who can be found wandering around the town at night. Speak to her and she’ll teach you how to wish upon a star, a skill needed to collect star fragments which are items needed to craft wands and some of the celestial DIYs. She’ll also share a new DIY recipe each new time you meet her, which can teach you how to make costume-changing wands, as well as outer space and astrological-themed items.

  • Frequency: Random
  • Time Available: 7pm – 5am
  • Location: Wandering around town
  • Rewards: DIY Recipes


Fishing influencer C.J. is a new character to Animal Crossing and seems to have taken over the role of hosting fishing tournaments from Chip. The fish-loving beaver wears a bright yellow vest and camo shorts, and can be found occasionally wandering around town (usually by the water) looking for an opportunity to create new content for his fans by buying fish. He also hosts fishing tournaments in the town square by Resident Services. He pays 1.5x the going rate for fish and will even reward you with a fish statue if you turn in three of the same kind.

  • Frequency: Random, Seasonal Fishing Tourneys
  • Time Available: All day
  • Location: Wandering around town by the water or in the plaza by Resident Services
  • Rewards: Bells, Fish statues, or Fishing Tourney event rewards

Daisy Mae

This adorable, little orange boar with a serious case of a runny nose is another new character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Wearing a white bonnet, blue dress with a blue apron, and a hat with turnips on top, Daisy Mae visits towns weekly selling turnips once players have unlocked Timmy and Tommy’s store, Nook’s Cranny. Check out our ACNH turnip guide for details on how to flip turnips and stack bells!

  • Frequency: Every Sunday
  • Time Available: 5am – 12pm
  • Location: Wandering around town


Flick is a bright red chameleon with a punk style who has a fascination for bugs. Similar to C.J., Flick hosts a bug-related event called Bug-Off and can be found wandering about town looking to buy bugs at 1.5x their normal price. He will also reward you with a statue if you give him three bugs of the same type.

  • Frequency: Random, Annual Bug-Off Event in the Summer
  • Time Available: All day
  • Location: Wandering around town or in the plaza by Resident Services
  • Rewards: Bells, Bug Statues, Buff-Off event rewards


If you have ever discovered a seagull in a blue and white sailor’s outfit washed up on the shore of your beach, then congrats! You’ve encountered Gulliver. If you try talking to him, he won’t awake immediately. It takes a few tries. But once you shake him from his stupor, he’ll ask you to recover some communicator parts so he can get in touch with his shipmates and ask them to come and get him. If you help Gulliver, he’ll reward you with rare antiques and collectible items.

  • Frequency: Random
  • Time Available: All day
  • Location: Beach
  • Rewards: Souvenir clothing and items


If the name is any indication, Kicks is a random vendor that appears in Animal Crossing: New Horizons selling socks, bags, and shoes. While Mabel and her sister also sell socks and shoes, Kicks is the only vendor you can purchase bags from, and many of his shoes can’t be found elsewhere. This stylish skunk wears yellow slacks, a white shirt, and a yellow cap and can be found selling his wares in the plaza near Resident Services. He will only appear after you’ve helped Mabel build a shop for the Able Sisters.

  • Frequency: Random
  • Time Available: All day
  • Location: Resident Services plaza

K.K. Slider

Another familiar face makes a return to the series — the beloved K.K. Slider! And he’s here to play your favorite K.K. songs and accept requests, but only if you meet the requirements to have him come to your island. In order to have K.K. Slider perform on your island, you must raise your island rating to at least 3 stars. Make sure to check out our guide on how to unlock K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for more details.

  • Frequency: Every Saturday
  • Time Available: All day, at 6pm starts taking requests
  • Location: Resident Services plaza


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Label is the third sibling in the Able Sister trio and is another visiting character that appears randomly in ACNH. She’s a purple hedgehog with a snazzy blue suit and winged eyeliner. Like Kicks, she appears in the plaza near Resident Services after the Able Sisters have set up shop. If you speak to her, she will ask you to put together an outfit based on a theme and an article of clothing she gives you (goth, casual, cute, etc…). Once you return with a completed outfit, Label will judge you. If she’s pleased, she’ll reward you with Tailor Tokens which can be used to purchase items in the Able Sisters store at the equivalent of 3000 bells or less.

  • Frequency: Random
  • Time Available: All day
  • Location: Resident Services plaza
  • Reward: Tailor Tokens, Labelle Signature Clothing


Making a return to the series, Mabel is one of the first vendors to make an appearance on the island. The blue hedgehog in her white and green plaid apron will show up shortly after you help Timmy and Tommy build Nook’s Cranny. At first, she will only appear inside the town square, selling clothing off her blanket and umbrella. If you purchase at least 5 items and over 5000 bells worth of clothing from her, she will then talk to you about opening up the Able Sisters shop with her sister, Sabel.

  • Frequency: Random weekday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Time Available: All day
  • Location: Resident Services plaza


If you’re in the market for a carpet, flooring, or wall treatments, you’ll want to speak to Saharah. Saharah is a tan camel with a white belly and a turquoise vest who occasionally stops by to sell rugs, mysterious flooring, and mysterious wallpaper. Her rugs come in three sizes: small, medium, and large and her wares are labeled “mysterious” because you won’t know what they look like until you purchase them. Saharah rewards players with exchange tickets after each purchase. Collect 5 and you can use them to get mysterious wallpaper or flooring instead of paying for them with Bells.

  • Frequency: Random
  • Time Available: All day
  • Location: Wandering around the island
  • Reward: Exchange tickets

Wisp the Ghost

If you’re prone to wandering around your island late at night (like I am) then you may have encountered a mysterious ghost. This ghost’s name is Wisp and they are another visiting character in ACNH. Speaking to Wisp will give them a big fright, causing them to split into smaller parts you can find floating around the island. Wisp will ask you to retrieve the various parts of their spirit in exchange for a reward.

  • Frequency: Random
  • Time Available: 7pm-5am
  • Location: Wandering about the island, usually around the trees
  • Reward: A “new” or “expensive” item

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