Extraordinary Ones, NetEase’s Anime-inspired Mobile MOBA, is Out Now on Android

NetEase’s brand new mobile MOBA, Extraordinary Ones, has launched on Google Play, bringing its own brand of anime-inspired multiplayer to a touchscreen near you.

You’ll choose from classic roles like Assassin, Support, Ability Power, Tank, and more. Each role has a number of different heroes to select from, with different powers.

Extraordinary Ones Lets You Bond With Your Heroes to Unlock Goodies

In total, there are over 56 heroes to choose from, all of which are inspired by eastern myths and modern art.

To voice them, NetEase hired an awesome cast of Japanese voice actors, including Aki Toyosaki, Koyasu Takehito, and more.

The more you play a specific hero, the more you bond with them. You can also set them as your homepage hero, and interact with them by sending gifts and stuff. This unlocks new skins, facial expressions, and more.

If this all sounds like an awful lot of fun to you, go ahead and grab Extraordinary Ones on Google Play right now.

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