Fancade is a Huge Mini-Game Collection That Lets You Make Your Own Content, Out Now on Android

Fancade, from developer Martin Magni, is out of beta and available to download on Google Play. 

The game, which consists of 50 platform, racing, action, and puzzle mini-games and a 1,000 levels, sees you collecting stars to unlock new worlds, and by extension more games.

More interestingly, for creatively inclined players, there’s a level-creation tool that allows you to contribute your own levels to the game. These make up the bulk of the experience, and the number of these stages can only go up, with new content promised every day.

Fancade boasts an elegant drag and drop interface for creating content, meaning a low barrier to entry for players considering dipping their toes in the world of game design. Equally, there’s scope to do some interesting things if you have an ambitious idea to bring to life. 

You can download Fancade on Google Play right now. It’s free, though you can pay $1 a month for premium access. 

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