Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Dozens of New Screenshots From the Trailer

Following the release of the newest trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake – which is technically a theme song trailer – numerous teases have been revealed for the upcoming game.Below are 75+ new screenshots from the latest trailer, including everything from Cloud at the Honey Bee Inn to Moogles and Chocobos.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Over 100 Screenshots

In our FF7 Remake trailer breakdown, we noted the new shots have confirmed several returning factors from the original game, along with fresh, contemporary story elements that seem to have been added.

Cloud is seen cross-dressing for the first time, along with shots of Red XIII, Scarlet, Professor Hojo, Reeve Tuesti, and more familiar characters.

The newest trailer can be watched in all it’s glory, below! In terms of differences from the original, IGN’s Joe Skrebels said, “One of these moments seems to be taking place in Nibelheim, which doesn’t fit Remake’s supposed timeline. It could be that the Remake extends further into the story than previously expected, or includes a flashback (not unlike the opening to Final Fantasy

15), but the presence of Barret in the same shots could mean these are hallucinations or dream sequences of some kind.”

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