Fortnite Pro Pays Off Mom’s Student Loans During Stream

The mother of a pro Fortnite

streamer received a “late Christmas present” recently, in a touching moment of charity and familial love in the video game space, according to The Loadout via PCGamesN.Aydan Conrad, who sports a follower count of 1.4 million people on Twitch, called his mother during a recent stream to inform her that he had paid off her student loans using the profit from his streaming career.

Before he revealed his deed, Conrad’s mother replied in typical motherly fashion, saying she didn’t need anything.“I don’t need anything, Aydan – you’ve done enough for me,” Conrad’s mother says, spurring him to smile on-stream.

“Well, it’s too late, mom,” Conrad replied. “All your school loans are already paid for.”

Conrad’s mother seems to pause before responding: ““No they’re not. You can’t… you can’t… It’s not a federal loan. I don’t think you can touch that.”

Conrad respons that he’s already talked to someone named Lina (who presumably was able to make the payment happen), to which his mother can only respond with “what?!” and bursts into tears.

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After a few moments, Conrad tells his mother that he was able to make the payment because of his followers on Twitch and his Fortnite career.

“It’s not me, it’s all the people that are watching my stream right now, they made it possible,” he tells her.

“Awww, I love them,” his mom says. “Everybody hit !sub and !prime.”

If you want to watch the moment in action, here’s two clips from Ayden Conrad’s stream.

According to The Loadout, Conrad’s Fortnite career has net him about $160,000 in prizes. Numbers aren’t available for how much Conrad earns from his streaming, but with 1.4 million followers, it can’t be chump change either.

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