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How to Dig Up Fossils[edit]

You won’t be able to dig up fossils when you first arrive at your deserted island – in fact, you wont even be able to find them at all.

First, you must entice Blathers to come to your island by catching 5 fish or bugs to give to Tom Nook, who will convince Blathers to set up a tent. Once he arrives, speak to him to gain a Vaulting Pole recipe to cross the river where fossils appear, and also the shovel recipe to dig up these fossils. Note that once you begin digging them up, they’ll start to appear all over the island – not just across the river.

Blathers will then identify and take donated fossils – although they will not be displayed until you can get a permit to construct an actual museum – which needs 15 more donated items.

List of Fossils[edit]

Listed below are all the fossils, in alphabetical order, as well as a checklist of each individual fossil piece.

Can’t find all four fossils? They won’t appear immediately behind trees or buildings, but try digging behind bushes or placed furniture!

Set Part Sell Price
Acanthostega Individiual 2,000
Amber Individual 1,200
Ammonite Individual 1,100
Ankylosaurus Ankylo Skull 3,500
Ankylo Torso 3,000
Ankylo Tail 2,500
Anomalocaris Individual 2,000
Archaeopteryx Individual 1,300
Archelon Archelon Skull 4,000
Archelon Tail 3,500
Australopith Individual 1,100
Brachiosaurus Brachio Skull 6,000
Brachio Chest 5,500
Brachio Pelvis 5,000
Brachio Tail 5,500
Coprolite Individual 1,100
Deinonychus Deinony Torso 3,000
Deinony Tail 2,500
Dimetrodon Dimetrodon Skull 5,500
Diemtrodon Torso 5,000
Dinosaur Track Individual 1,000
Diplodocus Diplo Skull 5,000
Diplo Neck 5,000
Diplo Chest 4,000
Diplo Pelvis 4,500
Diplo Tail 5,000
Diplo Tail Tip 4,000
Dunkleosteus Individual 3,500
Eusthenopteron Individual 2,000
Iguanodon Iguanodon Skull 4,000
Iguanodon Torso 3,500
Iguanodon Tail 3,000
Juramaia Individual 1,000
Mammoth Mammoth Skull 3,000
Mammoth Torso 2,500
Megacerops Megacro Skull 4,500
Megacero Torso 3,500
Megacro Tail 3,000
Megaloceros Megalo Left Side 4,000
Megalo Right Side 5,500
Myllokunmingia Individual 1,500
Ophthalmosaurus Opthalmo Skull 2,500
Opthalmo Torso 2,000
Pachycephalosaurus Pachy Skull 4,000
Pachy Tail 3,500
Parasaurolophus Parasaur Skull 3,500
Parasaur Torso 3,000
Parasaur Tail 2,500
Plesiosaurus Plesio Skull 4,000
Plesio Torso 4,500
Plesio Tail 4,500
Pteranodon Right Ptera Wing 4,500
Ptera Body 4,000
Left Ptera Wing 4,500
Quetzalcoatlus Right Quetzal Wing 5,000
Quetzal Torso 4,500
Quetzal Left Wing 5,000
Sabretooth Tiger Sabretooth Skull 2,500
Sabretooth Tail 2,000
Shark Tooth Pattern



Spinosaurus Spino Skull 4,000
Spino Torso 3,000
Spino Tail 2,000
Stegosaurus Stego Skull 5,000
Stego Torso 4,500
Stego Tail 4,000
Triceratops Tricera Skull 6,000
Tricera Torso 5,500
Tricera Tail 4,500
Trilobite Individual 1,300
Tyrannosaurus Rex T. Rex Skull 6,000
T. Rex Torso 5,500
T. Rex Tail 5,000


Trying to complete your collection and not sure what you’re missing? Use our checklist feature to mark off everything you’ve donated so far! You can always check which fossils you’ve encountered by looking at the NookStop Shopping catalog under wallpaper/flooring/and more.

Acanthostega ✓[edit]

Amber ✓[edit]

Ammonite ✓[edit]


Ankylo Skull ✓[edit]

Ankylo Torso ✓[edit]

Ankylo Tail ✓[edit]

Anomalocaris ✓[edit]

Archaeopteryx ✓[edit]


Archelon Skull ✓[edit]

Archelon Tail ✓[edit]

Australopith ✓[edit]


Brachio Skull ✓[edit]

Brachio Chest ✓[edit]

Brachio Pelvis ✓[edit]

Brachio Tail ✓[edit]

Coprolite ✓[edit]


Deinony Torso ✓[edit]

Deinony Tail ✓[edit]


Dimetrodon Skull ✓[edit]

Dimetrodon Torso ✓[edit]

Dinosaur Track ✓[edit]


Diplo Skull ✓[edit]

Diplo Neck ✓[edit]

Diplo Chest ✓[edit]

Diplo Pelvis ✓[edit]

Diplo Tail ✓[edit]

Diplo Tail Tip ✓[edit]

Dunkleosteus ✓[edit]

Eusthenopteron ✓[edit]


Iguanodon Skull ✓[edit]

Iguanodon Torso ✓[edit]

Iguanodon Tail ✓[edit]

Juramaia ✓[edit]


Mammoth Skull ✓[edit]

Mammoth Torso ✓[edit]


Megacro Skull ✓[edit]

Megacro Torso ✓[edit]

Megacro Tail ✓[edit]


Megalo Left Side ✓[edit]

Megalo Right Side ✓[edit]

Myllokunmingia ✓[edit]


Opthalmo Skull ✓[edit]

Opthalmo Torso ✓[edit]


Pachy Skull ✓[edit]

Pachy Tail ✓[edit]


Parasaur Skull ✓[edit]

Parasaur Torso ✓[edit]

Parasaur Tail ✓[edit]


Plesio Skull ✓[edit]

Plesio Torso ✓[edit]

Plesio Tail ✓[edit]


Right Ptera Wing ✓[edit]

Ptera Body ✓[edit]

Left Ptera Wing ✓[edit]


Right Quetzal Wing ✓[edit]

Quetzal Body ✓[edit]

Left Quetzal Wing ✓[edit]

Sabretooth Tiger[edit]

Sabretooth Skull ✓[edit]

Sabretooth Tail ✓[edit]

Shark Tooth Pattern ✓[edit]


Spino Skull ✓[edit]

Spino Torso ✓[edit]

Spino Tail ✓[edit]


Stego Skull ✓[edit]

Stego Torso ✓[edit]

Stego Tail ✓[edit]


Tricera Skull ✓[edit]

Tricera Torso ✓[edit]

Tricera Tail ✓[edit]

Trilobite ✓[edit]

Tyrannosaurus Rex[edit]

T. Rex Skull ✓[edit]

T. Rex Torso ✓[edit]

T. Rex Tail ✓[edit]

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