Gameloft Revisits the Pre-Smartphone Era with Free Gameloft Classics Compilation

To mark its 20 year anniversary, Gameloft has released a compilation app containing 30 games from its library.

Several of the titles in the collection – such as Bubble Bash 2, Abracadaball, and Miami Nights – were originally released in J2ME, the format that was most common before the advent of powerful touchscreen smartphones. 

Others, like Gangstar 2 and N.O.V.A., hark back to the early days of touchscreen gaming, and if anything those early smartphone efforts probably hold up less well than the late era dumbphone games, which exhibit Gameloft’s knack for smart, albeit derivative game design. 

Gameloft Classics is totally free to download, as Gameloft’s “thank you” to the many millions of mobile gamers who have bought its games over the past two decades. You can pick it up right now on Google Play. 

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