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Days Gone PC Release Date Announced

Sony has announced that the PlayStation-exclusive Days Gone will officially be making its way to PC on May 18, 2021 with 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support, an unlocked framerate, and more.Sony … Read More

Illusion Connect Braces for an Undead Invasion with Zombie Land Saga Crossover

Illusion Connect, the hit real-time strategy game from Superprism Technology, has launched a crossover event with popular anime series Zombie Land Saga.  In the fairly likely event that you haven’t … Read More

Chaser Tracer is a Synthwave Powered Arcade Draw-’em-Up

Ever wanted to protect the planet from an enormous bomb hidden in the sun? Wanted to do it while listening to a pulsating synthwave soundtrack? All while scribbling out symbols … Read More

Nier Replicant Has a 'Powerful New Boss' and Extra Link to Nier Automata

The upcoming remake of 2010’s Nier will feature a “powerful new boss” and an extra, retroactive link to the 2017 sequel, Nier Automata. Nier producer Yosuke Saito revealed the news … Read More