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Below are all the Hot Springs locations in Act 1 – Rescue Lord Shimura which is the Izuhara portion of the map.

Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring

Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring ✓

Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring Location: Hiyoshi Springs

How to Get to Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring: In the Hiyoshi Springs town, look for the main inn surrounded by hot springs, and speak to a woman on a small ridge overlooking the inn next to a bridge over the falls to be escorted to the springs.

Firefly Hill Hot Spring

Firefly Hill Hot Spring Location: Hiyoshi


How to Get to Firefly Hill Hot Spring: Northwest from Izuhara Clearing and just across the river, you’ll find the Firefly Hill Hot Spring.

Golden Leaf Hot Spring

Golden Leaf Hot Spring Location: Golden Temple

How to Get to Golden Leaf Hot Spring: South of Lake Izuhara you’ll come across the Golden Temple. If you roam the area outside you’ll likely be greeted with a bird that will guide you towards the hot spring, but in case you miss it, just head right to the east from the village.

Castle Lookout Hot Spring

Castle Lookout Hot Spring Location: Isonade Coast

How to Get to Castle Lookout Hot Spring: West of the Isonade Coast and just upwards from the side of the road you’ll find the Castle Lookout Hot Spring.

Carved Mountain Hot Spring

Carved Mountain Hot Spring Location: Shigenori’s Peak

How to Get to Carved Mountain Hot Spring: Just northeast of Shigenori’s Peak lies the Carved Mountain Hot Spring.

Mountain View Hot Spring

Mountain View Hot Spring Location: Winding Trail

How to Get to Mountain View Hot Spring: This hot spring can be found north from the Winding Trail, just southwest from the Golden Summit Shrine.

Rising Trees Hot Spring

Rising Trees Hot Spring Location: Archer’s Rise

How to Get to Rising Trees Hot Spring: This hot spring can be found just north of Archer’s Rise.

Seaside Hot Spring

Seaside Hot Spring Location: River Child’s Wetlands

How to Get to Seaside Hot Spring: You will find the Seaside Hot Spring west from River Child’s Wetlands, behind the location of “A Healer’s Touch“.

Quiet Basin Hot Spring

Quiet Basin Hot Spring Location: Azure Pond

How to Get to Quiet Basin Hot Spring: The Quiet Basin Hot Spring will grant Jin the choice to reflect on Khotun Khan or Yuna, and can be found southwest from Azure Pond.

Below are all Hot Springs Locations for Toyotama, the location of Act 2.

Marsh Tide Hot Spring

Marsh Tide Hot Spring Location: Hakutaku Forest

How to Get to Marsh Tide Hot Spring: The Marsh Tide Hot Spring can be found on the eastern edge of the Akashima Prefecture in the Toyotama region. Travel east of Akashima Village to the other side of the Hakutaku Forest to find a road leading out to a desolate bay where the hot spring can be found on the side of the road.

Morning Glory Hot Spring

Morning Glory Hot Spring Location: Yarikawa Stronghold

How to Get to Morning Glory Hot Spring: The Morning Glory Hot Spring can be found on on the middle western side of the Toyotama Region. Look for it on a road leading south from Urashim’s Village in the Yarikawa Prefecture, as it leads to a hot spring right below the Yarikawa Stronghold tower – which can only be accessed after completing a main story section.

Bamboo Forest Hot Spring

Bamboo Forest Hot Spring Location: Old Toyotama Hills

How to Get to Bamboo Forest Hot Spring: The Bamboo Hot Spring can be found in the center of the Toyotama Region, in the northern part of the Kushi Prefecture, north of Kush Temple where the bamboo forests begin to grow on the other side of the Kushi Grasslands.

Mossy Rest Hot Spring

Mossy Rest Hot Spring Location: Umugi Cove

How to Get to Mossy Rest Hot Spring: The Mossy Rest Hot Spring can be found on the far southeastern edge of the Toyotama region. Travel east to Umugi Cove in the Umugi Prefecture, and look south along the high hills outside the town to locate the hot springs overlooking the southern coast.

Yoshinaka Hot Spring

Yoshinaka Hot Spring Location: Mamushi Farmstead

How to Get to Yoshinaka Hot Spring: The Yoshinaka Hot Spring can be found along the western part of the Toyotama region in the Otsuna Prefecture. Travel to the center of the prefecture, north of Ichi’s Inn, and follow the roads west of Mamushi Farmstead towards the Shinto Shrine to find a small road leading up into the forest where hot spring can be found behind an abandoned house.

Below are all 3 Hot Springs Locations for Kamiagata, the location of Act 3.

Jito’s Foothills Hot Spring

Jito’s Foothills Hot Spring: Jito’s Foothills

How to Get to Jito’s Foothills Hot Spring: Fast travel to Kubra Crossing and travel to the west, across the river. Pass Castle Shimura and cut through the mountain area. The hot spring is overlooking the hills ahead.

Whitemist Hot Spring

Whitemist Hot Spring: Along the east coast. Located East of Kubara Crossing and South of Kin Village.

Hot to Get to Whitemist Hot Spring: Go to Kubra Crossing, the reoad south of Deep Forest Lake and take the road east. The Hot Spring will be along that road as you reach the East Coast.

Morimae Hot Spring

Morimae Hot Spring: Southeast of Stonecutter Village and Northeast of Trapper’s House.

How to Get to Morimae Hot Spring: Travel to Morimae Brewery and move east until you hit the coast.

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