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How to Beat Marauders[edit]

Marauders have two weapons: a laser axe and a shotgun. Along with those, Marauders have a shield that will block just about anything unless you shoot the Marauder at the perfect time.

The perfect time you are looking for will be when the eyes of the Marauder blink green.

This window is small, but there is a trick to make it longer.

The Super Shotgun vs. Marauder[edit]

Getting a direct hit with the super shotgun while the Marauder is attacking will stun him, giving you a slightly open window to deal some extra damage before he starts blocking every attack again.

The best weapon to use while he is stunned is the Ballista. The Ballista deals MASSIVE damage to the Marauder when he is stunned. Using just the shotgun to deal damage can feel like it takes forever to weaken Marauders and you’ll run through your ammo quick. The Super Shotgun to Ballista combo is the best way to take out the Marauder.

The Fire Wolf[edit]

The most annoying thing about the marauder is the Fire Wolf he can summon. Yes it has low HP, but the wolf is QUICK and it feels like he will constantly spawn it no matter how many times you take it out.


The best way to give yourself time between wolves is take the wolf out with the plasma rifle the second the Marauder spawns it. It seems the wolf is on a timer, so the longer one stays alive, the more likely the Marauder will spawn a new wolf once the one currently alive gets taken out. If you kill the wolf right as it spawns, that will give you a chance to focus on the Marauder himself.

With these tips, you should be able to take down the Marauder much easier when you encounter him, remember! Green Eyes -> Super Shotgun -> Ballista !

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