How to Beat Marauders in Doom Eternal

Making your way through Hell’s vast hordes of demons in Doom Eternal can be a difficult task, especially when you come face-to-face with one of those pesky Marauders. The Marauders are part of the Khan Maykr’s army and are one of the most challenging recurring enemies you’ll face, due to its strong offensive and defensive capabilities.If find yourself struggling to defeat these deadly foes, we have some tips on how to beat them, below. Be sure to visit our Doom Eternal guide for more strategies and walkthroughs.
In order to beat a Marauder, you first have to understand how it attacks and defends itself. In terms of its offensive capabilities, Marauders wield two primary weapons: a laser axe and a shotgun. While the shotgun is used for close-range combat, the laser ax fires a beam of energy from long distances and causes damage if it happens to hit you.

For defense, the Marauders possesses a shield that can block just about anything unless you shoot it at the perfect time.

The perfect time to attack the Marauder is when the creature’s eyes blink green. This window of opportunity is small, but we know a trick to make it last longer.

The Super Shotgun vs. Marauder

When the Marauder’s eyes blink green, he’s about to land a devastating attack, but just before he does, you can use the super shotgun to stun him if you get a direct hit. While stunned, you’ll have the opportunity to deal some additional damage.

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The best weapon to use on a Marauder while it’s stunned is the Ballista. This powerful weapon deals MASSIVE damage to the Marauder. Sure, you can use your super shotgun in this situation, however, we discovered that it takes longer to defeat the Marauder and you waste more ammo if you use that particular method. The bottom line, the Super Shotgun to Ballista combo is the best way to take out the Marauder.

How to Deal with the Fire Wolf

If the Marauder’s speed, laser axe, shotgun, and impenetrable shield weren’t enough of a challenge, it can also summon a Fire Wolf. Thankfully, the Fire Wolf has a low HP and is relatively easy to take down.

The key to getting rid of this nuisance is taking out the Fire Wolf as soon as it spawns. It appears that the wolf is on a timer, so the longer it stays alive, the more likely the Marauder will spawn a new wolf once the one before you is slain. Following these steps will give you a chance to focus on the Marauder instead of his wolf companion.

Now that you have the skills to defeat one of Doom Eternal’s toughest foes, the Marauders won’t seem so tough the next time you’re confronted by one. Remember these crucial steps: Green Eyes, then the Super Shotgun, and finally, the Ballista!

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