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In Grounded, much of what you can do at the start of the game is limited by the tools you have available. In order to progress the story, and build housing, you’ll need an axe. Read below to find out more information for unlocking the axe below.

How to Unlock the Axe Recipe

While some recipes are gained just by picking up items, others can only be found by analyzing materials.

Be sure to look along the ground for small rocks called Pebblets and pick one up. Then, look along the sunken path left past the large baseball near the start of the game to find a purple shelter called a Field Station.

Inside, you can analyze three different materials every so often to learn more about them. By analyzing the Pebblet, you can unlock the recipe for the Pebblet Axe.

To craft the axe, you will need to collect 2 Pebblets in total, as well as 3 Sprigs (the small grassy weeds that grow to about your height). You’ll also need to find Plant Fiber along the ground, analyze it to get the recipe for Woven Fiber, and craft it to use in making the Axe.

Pebblet Axe Uses

With the Pebblet Axe, you will be able to continue the story by chopping down blades of grass to free the obscured laser at the Mysterious Machine. By chopping down grass, you can gain more Plant Fiber, as well as stackable Grass Planks to be used in building shelters.


You can also chop down dry grass for different recipes and items, and even Dandelions for Weed Stems and Dandelion Tufts to use to slow your fall from great heights.

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