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How to Craft[edit]

In the beginning of ACNH, crafting can be done freely after Tom Nook invites you to his first free workshop. Talk to him, then when you’re ready, approach the workbench inside Resident Services.

You can also eventually can craft your own workbench to use outside of resident services.

How to Customize Crafted Items[edit]

Once you have unlocked the Resident Services Building upgrade from a tent, return to Tom Nook to take his customization workshop. He will then give you several customization kits (and more can be purchased from Timmy and Tommy), allowing you to customize items instead of craft when using a workbench.

All DIY items that have a paintbrush icon can be customized – and some can have patterns attached to them. Items that are not made from DIY recipes cannot be customized.

See all the different ways you can acquire more recipes in the video above!


First and foremost, you should always be aiming to get recipe books from Timmy and Tommy, as you can get a bunch of recipes that are useful in various kinds of decorations. These include:

  • DIY for Beginners
  • Test Your DIY Skills
  • Wildest Dreams DIY

In addition, by progressing with tasks that Tom Nook gives, you’ll eventually need to help furnish three houses for incoming villagers – and Tom Nook will supply a huge amount of DIY recipes to move things along.

Some recipes aren’t always taught from a card – they’re learned by finding certain items:

  • Dig up Manila Clams to learn how to make Fish Bait
  • Fish up trash to learn how to make Tire Toys, Tire Stacks, Recycled Boots, Recycled-can Thumb Pianos, and eventually Trash Bags, and Garbage-Heap Walls and Flooring
  • Talk to villagers after you get stung to learn how to make Medicine
  • Collect Eggs during Bunny Day for a chance to learn how to make Egg-based clothing

There are also several daily tasks to take part in that can earn you recipes.These include the following:

  • Wander your beaches each new day to find a Message Bottle, as these will always contain a DIY recipe for you to add to your collection.
  • Check in your villagers when you notice they’re at home. Many times, you’ll find them busy crafting their own items, and by talking to them, they’ll happily share the recipe for whatever they’re working on. You can usually find one or more villagers doing this, so check back a few times every day.
  • Shoot down Balloon Presents as they float in from the coast every 15 minutes or so. The items inside are random, but have a decent chance to hold a recipe within.
  • Look around your island at night for Celeste – who often appears on clear nights or meteor showers, and will give you an space or astrology-themed recipe, or recipes to make different kinds of Magic Wands.

Each account that is a player on your island will have their own Message Bottle waiting for them on the beach, so that every player has the chance to get a new recipe per day. You can also use this to get multiple recipes by using secondary accounts to find and then drop new recipes for the main player.

Once you’ve unlocked the campsite in your town, visiting villagers will also likely ask for a souvenir of something made from your town. If they ask for an item you can’t make yet, they’ll happily supply you with the recipe. This also means you can force a villager to appear each day using amiibo cards to make sure you’re getting another shot at a new recipe each day!

Remember that these daily tasks can also apply to visiting a friend’s island or even a Mystery Island, so comb those beaches and talk to your friends villagers whenever you get the chance. This also applies to visiting characters like Celeste!

And speaking of friends, why not encourage them to trade duplicate recipes they’ve found with you? Everyone loves a good yard sale.

Finally, be on the lookout for seasonal or special events, as they’ll often come with their own set of recipes that you can gain at an increased rate. Sometimes Tom Nook or Isabelle will pass on a recipe or two your way during their daily announcements, and some events will include increased chances to earn recipes – like Bunny Day’s torrent of fast moving balloon presents.

Below you will find a list of all know DIY Recipes. This list is currently in progress as the methods for obtaining many of them are completely random – unless otherwise noted. Items in Bold can be customized with different colors once DIY Customization has been unlocked.

Below are Tools you can make.

Housewares Recipes[edit]

Below is a list of all known housewares and furniture you can make.

Item Materials Specific Recipe Unlock Method
Campfire Tree Branch (3) N/A
Bonfire Campfire

Wood (10)

Give 2 Critters to Tom Nook
Tiki Torch Tree Branch (5)

Wood (5)

Give 2 Critters to Tom Nook
Clothesline Tree Branch (10) N/A
Scarecrow Tree Branch (3)

Clump of Weeds (5)

Simple DIY Workbench Hardwood (5)

Iron Nugget (1)

Mailed to Resident Rep from Nintendo
Mini DIY Workbench Wood (3)

Hardwood (3)

Softwood (3)

Iron Nugget (2)

Wooden Chair Wood (6) N/A
Wooden Mini Table Wood (6) N/A
Wooden End Table Wood (8) N/A
Wooden Wardrobe Wood (12) N/A
Wooden Simple Bed Wood (18) Possibly given by Tom Nook to furnish homes
Wooden Double Bed Wood (30) N/A
Wooden Full-length Mirror Wood (5)

Iron Nugget (1)

Log Bench Hardwood (7) N/A
Tiny Library Wood (5)

Book (3)

Oil-barrel Bathtub Oil barrel (1)

Campfire (1)

Stone (1)

Birdbath Stone (4) N/A
Stone stool Stone (3) Buy DIY for Beginners

Miscellaneous Recipes[edit]

Below are the list of known miscellaneous recipes for smaller items.

Item Materials Specific Recipe Unlock Method
Wooden Table Mirror Wood (3)

Iron Nugget (1)

Wooden-block Toy Softwood (3) Buy DIY for Beginners
Ringtoss Wood (2)

Softwood (2)

Buy Test Your DIY Skills
Wooden Fish Wood (3) Buy Wildest Dreams DIY
Old-fashioned Washtub Softwood (3) Buy DIY for Beginners
Wooden Toolbox Softwood (4)

Iron Nugget (2)

Recycled-can Thumb Piano Empty Can

Wood (1)

Iron Nugget (1)

Fish up Empty Cans
Trash Bags Empty Can


Old Tire

Fish up 15 different Trash
Unglazed Dish Set Clay (3) Possibly given by Tom Nook to furnish homes
Classic Pitcher Clay (4) Possibly given by Tom Nook to furnish homes

Wall-mounted Recipes[edit]

Below is a list of all known recipes for items that can be mounted on walls or doors.

Item Materials Specific Recipe Unlock Method
Tree Branch Wreath Tree Branch (10) N/A
Log Wall-mounted Clock Hardwood (2)

Iron Nugget (1)

Iron Wall Lamp Iron Nugget (4)

Clay (2)

Buy Wildest Dreams DIY Pack
Iron Wall Rack Iron Nugget (3)

Clay (1)

Potted Ivy Clump of Weeds (5)

Clay (5)

Buy Test Your DIY Skills

Wallpaper, Floor, and Rug Recipes[edit]

Below is a list of all known recipes to decorate as wallpaper, flooring, or rugs in your home.

Item Materials Specific Recipe Unlock Method
Dark Wooden-mosaic Wall Wood (15) N/A
Wild-wood Wall Wood (15) N/A
Cabin Wall Wood (15) N/A
Garbage-heap Wall Empty Can (2)

Boot (2)

Old Tire (2)

Fish up 15 Trash items
Garbage-heap Flooring Empty Can (2)

Boot (2)

Old Tire (2)

Fish up 15 Trash Items

Equipment and Clothing Recipes[edit]

Below is a list of all know recipes to wear as clothing or accessories.

Item Materials Specific Recipe Unlock Method
Log Pack Wood (3)

Hardwood (5)

Recycled Boots Boot (2) Fish up Boots
Knight’s Helmet Iron Nugget (5) N/A
Armor Shoes Iron Nugget (4) N/A
Leaf Umbrella Clump of Weeds (15) Talk to female Villager the day after choosing a spot for their tent

Other Recipes[edit]

Below is a list of all known recipes that fit into the “other category”, including consumables, fences, and handheld instruments.

Item Materials Specific Recipe Unlock Method
Medicine Wasp Nest

Clump of Weeds (3)

Talk to a Villager after getting stung
Fish Bait Manila Clam Dig up a Manila Clam on the beach
Ocarina Clay (5) Buy DIY for Beginners
Pan Flute Young Spring Bamboo (7) N/A
Pitfall Seed Clump of Weeds (4)

Tree Branch (6)


Below is a list of all known Seasonal and Event Recipes, categorized by the different season or event.

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