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Paper Mario: The Origami King uses motion controls for certain aspects of the game. The motion controls require you to move your controller or – if playing handheld –your whole Switch to execute a command. Moving the 1,000-Fold Arms is done with motion controls.

Most movements will require you to tilt the controller or move it around to make the arms reach a certain spot on the screen, but there are many times when you’re required to quickly shake or jolt the controller in a particular direction, or repeatedly back and forth for some time. The game has the motion controls turned ON by default. Use the info below to help you turn OFF motion controls in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

How to turn OFF motion controls in Paper Mario: The Origami King

  1. Press + to access the Menu.
  2. Press R to scroll to the tab with the gear icon on the Menu.
  3. Use the L-Stick to move the cursor and select Motion Controls.
  4. Then, move it to the right to highlight OFF.
  5. Press + to exit the menu.

When is the earliest you can turn OFF motion controls?

Motion controls can be turned off as soon as you gain control of Mario at the beginning of the game, outside of Peach’s Castle.

What happens if you turn them OFF?

Any movements that would have been done with the motion controls are handled by tilting the L-stick. Actions that would require a hitting motion are done by pressing the A button.

Once you turn OFF motion controls and you save the game, the motion controls will remain OFF. You can turn motion controls ON or OFF at any point in the game when you can press + to access the menu. There is no way to turn the motion controls ON or OFF when you’re in battles.

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