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How to Unlock Able Sisters Shop[edit]

  1. In order to build the shop, you must first unlock Mable’s visits to the island. Once you’ve helped Timmy and Tommy build Nook’s Cranny (after you’ve upgraded your tent to a house), visit their new shop to find them talking to Mable, and you’ll overhear that they want her to visit the island and sell her wares.
  2. From this point on, you can spot Mable in the center plaza below Resident Services on a random day of the week, as well as on Saturday and Sunday. Each time she will have a different selection of clothing – but not much – and you can’t try it on before buying them.
  3. However, it seems that if you buy at least 5 items and over 5,000 bells worth of clothing and accessories from Mable over the course of at least two of her visits, she will tell you upon her next visit that she’d like to open a shop on the island.
  4. Then, you can place down the building plot just as you did for Nook’s Cranny. After a day of construction, the Able Sisters will be open for business permanently.

The Able Sisters allow you to buy several types of clothing, and display certain clothing sets each week, as well as changing out stock each day. Don’t forget to try on clothes in the changing room – you’ll find that there are many more variations of all the clothes than what’s displayed out front. You can also use the Custom Design App to display or share your own creations against the back wall – and other villagers may even start wearing them!

Able Sisters History – Before New Horizons[edit]

The Able Sisters are staple NPC characters in the Animal Crossing series, first introduced in Population Growing, released on GameCube in 2001. The hedgehog sisters, Mabel and Sable, run a clothing shop where players can purchase wearable fashion, umbrellas and more.

In City Folk and other releases, players could also visit Labelle (Label), the wayward hedgehog sister who became a designer. Her estrangement from the other two Ables is a running plotline in many Animal Crossing releases. Label appears in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well, having left her old life behind to become a more humble freelance designer – selling a collection named after her old name – Labelle.

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