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Resident Services Tent offers limited features:
a place to craft DIY Items, a terminal to access the Nook Shop and Nook Miles Rewards, and a Recycling Bin (as well as a place to buy and sell items before Timmy moves to open Nook’s Cranny).

In order to upgrade the tent into a proper town hall building, your ultimate goal is to have five permanent residents, but before you can attract three more, there are a series of tasks you need to do.

  1. Pay Off Deserted Island Getaway Package Debt
  2. Upgrade to a House
  3. Unlock Nook’s Cranny
  4. Build a Bridge
  5. Find Plots for 3 New Villagers

Keep reading for more detailed information.

1. Pay Off Deserted Island Getaway Package ✓[edit]

Moving to the deserted island in ACNH wasn’t free. You owe Tom Nook 5,000 Nook Miles. Like Tom Nook suggests, you’ll earn these by doing random things around the island, just by living your life. See the How to Earn Nook Miles – Nook Miles List for exactly what to do to earn more.

2. Upgrade to a House ✓[edit]

Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay off this $98,000 bell loan just yet – so just go ahead and speak to Tom Nook again after paying off your Deserted Island Getaway Package to upgrade to a house.

3. Unlock Nook’s Cranny[edit]


Once you have paid off your Getaway Package and upgraded to a house, Timmy inside the Resident Services tent will ask you to help build a proper shop called Nook’s Cranny.

Timmy will need the following to Unlock Nook’s Cranny:

  • 30 Wood
  • 30 Hardwood
  • 30 Softwood
  • 30 Iron Nuggets

Get the wood by hitting trees with axes, and get the Iron Nuggets by hitting rocks with your shovel. Make sure to dig holes behind you before whacking the stones so you can hit it the full eight times.

If you run out of resources on your island, use Dodo Airlines to visit another island to get more.

4. Build a Bridge ✓[edit]

After Nook’s Cranny is built, speak to Tom Nook again and agree to help him find housing for more villagers.

Your first task will be to build a bridge. Nook will teach you how to make a bridge kit. Find a strategic place to place the bridge, use a DIY station to craft it, and put it down.

5. Find Plots for 3 New Villagers[edit]

After building a bridge to cross the river, place the three housing plots down wherever you like, and check the sign on the lot to see which three interior items need to be submitted, and which three exterior items must be placed around the central plot.

You’ll need to spend time crafting the DIY Recipes you were given by Tom Nook (which include items made from your town’s native fruit and flowers) and complete all three housing plots, after which the new villagers will move in (limited to one per day).

Once all three villagers are officially on the island, Tom Nook will announce that the Resident Services will be undergoing an upgrade – which will take a full day, during which you will not be able to access the Recycling Bin or Terminal.

Upgraded Resident Services Facilities[edit]

Once it has been fully completed, the Resident Services Building will stand at the top center of the town square. This will also trigger hourly music to begin, and a default tune to play when talking to characters. Inside, Tom Nook will be joined by Isabelle (who will take over daily announcements). Together, the pair will allow you to access new features by sitting down in front of them. There will also be new items available at the Nook Miles redemption terminal.

Tom Nook will allow you to take on a DIY Customization Workshop to alter items you have crafted. He will also allow you to approve construction of bridges and inclines on the island (which will need a serious investment of Bells once the foundation is placed). You can also ask to move almost any building on the island to a different location (excluding Resident Services and the Airport), and you will eventually be able to spend money to secure a lot for a future resident to move into.

Isabelle will allow you to change the town’s tune and flag, and if an issue arises with a villager’s clothing or catchphrase, you can reset it with her. Eventually, you will also be able to ask about island evaluations to improve your town’s rating.

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