How to Win at Darts to Get Luck Up Materia – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide

Watch the video below for a complete rundown on how to win at darts.

You might notice the darts board to the right of the Juke Box inside 7th Heaven. You’ll be able to play while waiting for Tifa in Chapter 3, during the second visit to the bar.

You’ll also have the opportunity to play darts near the end of Chapter 4 when you find yourself back inside 7th Heaven, so don’t worry if you missed it.

Press triangle while in front of the dartboard to start the tutorial.

How to Win at Darts[edit]

The rules of darts is simple:

  • Score exactly 301 points
  • Do this without going over.
  • Your goal in FF7 Remake is to beat Wedge’s score, so you must reach 301 points with seven or less darts.

Each of the large parts of the “wedges” on the board will score you the amount of points as noted, except the outer and center rings. The outer ring (called the double ring) of the board will score you double the points. The ring in the center (the triple ring) will score you triple the points.


The bullseye in the center of the dartboard is enticing and will score you 50 points for hitting it. However, the highest-scoring spot on the dartboard is actually the 20’s triple ring – which will net you 60 points.

So, specifically, here’s how to win at darts:

  • Hit the 20 triple ring five times to get a total of 300 points.
  • Hit the 1’s single ring for the final point.

Even if you miss one of your 20 triple shots, you can still beat Wedge’s score. Assuming you earned a single 20 instead, aim for the double 20 (the outer ring) for the remaining 40 points you need. Then, aim at the one.

Darts Tips[edit]

The above instructions are easier said than done! Here are some playing tips:

  • Press X to throw the dart.
  • The ring will grow and shrink around your aim.
  • The smaller the ring (there’s a split second it freezes at the very center), the more accurate your shot will be.
  • The ring only shrinks twice, so you only have two chances to throw per dart.
  • Each chance, your aim will be affected by movement in a different direction. Figure out how to correct this resistance quickly.
  • Try pressed the very edge of the joystick instead of leaving your thumb on top – we found to have better control with this method.

How to Collect Your Reward[edit]

Near the end of Chapter 4 – Mad Dash, Wedge will acknowledge the Dart leaderboards and give you a Luck Up Materia while inside the 7th Heaven Bar. Luck Up will increase your luck, the stat that increases your chance of getting critical hits.

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