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How to find the Ice Vellumental Mountain

Ice Vellumental Mountain is found in Diamond Island, a sunken island in the Great Sea. After unlocking the island and going inside, the path to the Ice Vellumental Mountain is to the left of the red Trial of Power temple. Destroy the two large snow blocks near the Save Block; then, use the path to walk up the mountain.

Welcome to Ice Vellumental Mountain

As the name suggests, you’ll encounter many ice-type origami enemies within. You might want to consider stocking up on some Shiny Fire Flower items. Fire Flowers and Fire Hammers are super effective against these enemies.

Cross the bridge that spans between the two bear statues. Then, hit the ?-Block on the right side to gain Flashy Iron Boots. There are two origami Sidesteppers paces left and right, between you and the doorway in the back, as well as an origami Ice Bro that’ll shoot ice when you approach. You’ll be revisiting this area later, so it’s best to take them all out now for good. Hit one of the Sidesteppers with your Hammer when it’s near the other one to trigger a Wave Battle. Remember that Sidesteppers are considered spiked enemies, so when attacking with Boots, always select your iron-type ones. After the Sidesteppers, you’ll need to battle the Ice Bro. The battle contains a mix of Ice Bros. and Hammer Bros. Use the doorway to enter the next room.

The Floor is Ice


Be careful as you walk around the Ice Vellumental Mountain because many of the floors are covered in ice. This makes them very slippery! This rooms contains Not-Bottomless Holes #1-3 on the floor and Not-Bottomless Hole#4 on the right wall. There are several origami Sidesteppers pacing in this room. Since they only move side-to-side on their lane, they can be avoided by just walking around them. There’s a bag of 1,000 coins in the back right corner of the room. You can get it, without fighting any of the Sidesteppers. Wait for the Sidestepper in the back to pass by and walk up to the back wall. Hug the wall, and you can just walk to the left behind the Sidestepper and get the bag of coins.

It seems that Paper Mario: The Origami King took more than just a Triforce reference from the Legend of Zelda series, because Ice Vellumental Mountain is full of sliding ice block puzzles. To the game’s credit, though, it does make interesting use of them. Stand on the flat ice block (we’ll call these ice sheets for the remainder of the walkthrough) and face the large snow block that’s blocking the entrance to the next room.

When standing on an ice sheet, if you hit a wall/breakable object with your Hammer, you’ll demonstrate Newton’s third law of motion (refresher: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction). This will send you, and the ice sheet, sliding in the opposite direction of your swing.

By standing on the ice sheet and breaking the snow block, you’ll slide the ice sheet onto the missing section on the floor and patch it up. This allows you to walk under the ?-Block. Hit it to gain some coins. Now, use the open passage to enter the next room.

Slide and Destroy

In the next room, fix Not-Bottomless Holes #5 &6 on the floor. The ice sheet in this room is on the front-right corner. You’ll need to slide it into position in front of the doorway on the left side of the room.

There’s also a doorway on the right side of the room. This leads to a small room with a confetti refill and a ?-Block containing 100 coins.

Ice sheets can destroy origami soldiers if they slide into them. This room is your introduction to that! Stand on the ice sheet and hammer the front wall to slide to the back-left corner. Then, use your hammer on the left wall to slide to the back-right corner. Continue to use your hammer to slide to the front-right corner, then to the middle, and lastly to the back of the room, to access the left doorway and enter the next area of the mountain.

Head’s Up

Walk across the icy bridge. When you get about halfway through, you’ll encounter an Origami Sledge Bro above that’ll begin to jump – causing icicles to fall from above and destroy the remainder of the bridge. You need to take out the Sledge Bro. Get to him by using the new ice platform on the right and reach the ledge with the ?-Block (100 coins). Go up the stairs to reach the Sledge Bro.

About halfway up the staircase, you’ll need to fix Not-Bottomless Hole#7 to continue. At the same time, you’ll need to dodge the hammers that the Sledge Bro is throwing at you. It takes about three tosses of confetti to patch the hole. To avoid being hit by the hammers, back away after each confetti toss. If you stand still too long, the hammer will hit you, causing 20 damage. Reach the end of the staircase to initiate a wave battle with the Sledge Bro. Sledge Bros. have over 35HP. With a lineup bonus, Shiny Fire Flower takes out a Sledge Bro. with a single Excellent hit, and it knocks out Ice Bros. with minimal effort.

After the battle, use the Magic Circle to smash the large icicles with the 1,000-Fold Arms. They’ll drop and allow you to use them as platforms to finish crossing the bridge. If you’re a daredevil, you can do a blind jump and hopefully land on the new ice platforms – instead of on the large spikes that surround them on the ground below.

The safer option is to use the staircase to walk back down. This option also allows you to see the new platform that formed on the left side of the bridge. Jump across it to find a hidden hole in the left wall, with a chest containing a MAX UP Heart +5! Jump back onto the bridge and make your way to the Save Block in the background.

The Smiling Bear

After crossing the bridge, you’ll reach an area with a massive bear head on the wall. In the middle of the area, there’s a missing section in the floor. Not only is this section the exact size of an ice sheet, there is also half of a Magic Circle on it. You’ll need to find that missing piece and slide it here to restore the Magic Circle.

Go up the stairs on the left. At the top of the stairs is a doorway that leads to a small room containing a healing heart. This doesn’t seem like much, but this small room is actually useful. If you ever make a mistake that impedes you from completing the puzzle, just walk in and out of this room to cause the puzzle to reset.

There are likely several ways to solve this puzzle. Check out the image above and the accompanying text to guide you through one solution. Use your Hammer to break the four snow blocks with the Hammer Icon, as shown in the image above. Breaking the snow block with the red exclamation mark forces you to battle Ice Bros. After breaking only those four blocks, walk along the path and fix the left Not-Bottomless Hole(#8). Then, hop onto the ice sheet.

You’ll need to move the ice sheet to the right and down, along the path you just created. Use the image above for reference. Hammer the side indicated by each letter in alphabetical order. Before hitting the final snow block, step off the ice sheet and walk over to the wall to fix Not-Bottomless Hole #9. Then, step back on the ice sheet and hammer the final snow block to take the ice sheet home.

Stand on the Magic Circle and use the 1,000-Fold Arms to punch the bear on the nose and open a passage into the next room. Don’t forget to use the Save Block before entering the next room.

The Spiral Staircase

As soon as you enter this room, fix Not-Bottomless Hole#10 to reach the stairs. There are two origami Snow Spikes rolling large snowballs down the stairs. One Spike is halfway up the stairs, and the other is standing at the very top of the pillar. If a snowball rolls over you, it’ll carry you along until it breaks.

You can avoid this by using the crevices in the center of the staircase for cover, or you can destroy the snowball with your Hammer right before it reaches you. Be sure to fix Not-Bottomless Hole#11 on the floor inside the second crevice. When you reach the Snow Spike halfway up the stairs, hit it with your Hammer to initiate a battle.

Some of the Snow Spikes you battle may be holding a snowball above their head. The snowball shields the Snow Spike from your first Boots attack. To ignore this, simply attack with a Fire Flower instead. Fire Flowers hit a line of enemies just like Boots do, but they hit them from the front side – ignoring the snowball completely!

After the battle, there’s a few secrets to get in this area. Before opening the chest containing Collectible Treasure No.90 Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle, jump on top of it, then jump again to reveal a Hidden ?-Block floating above the chest. If you’ve already opened the chest, it’ll be more difficult to jump on top of it from the front. Stand behind the chest (where the hinge is) and jump to get on top of the opened lid. Avoid the snowball, and make your way up the next set of stairs. The left railing has a gap in it. This gap lets you jump from the stairs onto the central pillar. Collect the coins and fix Not-Bottomless Hole#12.

After fixing the hole, hammer the large crack on the ice pillar to cause it to crumble. The second Snow Spike will fall on you and trigger a battle. After the battle, continue going up the stairs and leave through the doorway at the top.

An Even Bigger Puzzle to Slide Through

The doorway in this hall leads to another small room and is used to reset all the blocks in the upcoming puzzle. Before going in, save yourself some time and continue walking to reach the puzzle. Destroy the three snow blocks on the back-right corner of the puzzle room to be able to fix the three Not-Bottomless Holes(#13-15) on the walls.

Then, backtrack slightly to enter the doorway into the small room and reset all the blocks. While you’re here, refill your confetti and hit the ?-Block to gain 1,000 coins. Leave the room, use the Save Block on the left, and then go toward the right to begin the puzzle.

There are likely several ways to solve this puzzle. Use this to guide you through one solution. Use your Hammer to break the four snow blocks with the Hammer Icon, as shown in the image above. Breaking the snow block with the red exclamation mark forces you to battle Ice Bros. After breaking only those four blocks, walk along the path and hop onto the ice sheet at the back-right corner of the room.

You’ll need to move the ice sheet so that it ends near the center. Use the image above for reference. Hammer the side indicated by each letter in alphabetical order.

Sliding in the Large Room

The journey leaves you and the ice sheet against the right wall of a very large room. In this room, you’ll need to hammer the walls/bear statues as you slide to get to the destination. Your goal is to make it onto the ledge in front of the big bear head. There are a few ways to do this, but before that, there are a couple of things of which you should take notice.

  • Not-Bottomless Hole#16 is on the right wall near the front-right corner of the room.
  • Not-Bottomless Hole#17 is on the left wall near the back-left corner of the room.
  • There the origami Ice Bro in the back-right corner will shoot you when you’re close by.

You should also note the doorway in the back-left corner that leads into a small room. Like with previous puzzles, enter the small room if you ever need to reset the position of the ice sheet. When reset, the ice sheet is positioned on the right wall, as it was when you first arrived in the large room. This small room has a little more going on though. Use the warp pipe to travel to another small room.

Open the chest in this room to gain Collectible Treasure No.91 Ice Vellumental Bust. Before going back through the warp pipe, hammer the off-colored portion of the right wall to open a passage to the entrance of the Ice Vellumental Mountain. After creating the opening, use the warp pipe and return to the ice sheet in the large room.

There are several ways to slide the ice sheet and reach the ledge of the big bear head. Use the image above to guide you through one method that allows you to reach the ?-Block and ledge in one trip.

  • A) Stand on the ice sheet and hammer the right wall to start sliding to the left.
  • B) Hammer the bust as you’re sliding to change direction toward the foreground.
  • C) Hammer the left bust to slide to the right.
  • D) Hammer the front bust to travel to the back wall.

From here, jump onto the ledge on the back-right corner and battle the Ice Bro. After the battle, hit the ?-Block to gain 1,000 coins; then, jump back onto the ice sheet. Hammer the back wall and jump onto the bear head ledge as you slide past it. Go inside the bear’s mouth.

The Point of No Return

Fix the final two Not-Bottomless Holes (#18 & 19) to receive 100% completion on all the Not-Bottomless Holes in the Ice Vellumental Mountain. Use the Save Block and jump over the step to find an ice sheet on the track next to you.

Once you ride this ice sheet to the other side, you’ll be unable to leave Ice Vellumental Mountain until you defeat the Ice Vellumental. If you need to buy equipment or accessories before the battle, do it now. Use the warp pipe you found earlier to travel to the entrance of the mountain; then, once you’re ready, jump onto the ice sheet, hammer the wall, and enjoy the ride.

When you land on the other mountain, hit the final three ?-Blocks to gain a Flashy Mushroom, a Shiny Fire Flower, a Shiny Tail, and earn 100% completion for ?-Blocks in Ice Vellumental Mountain! Go up the steps on the right to battle the Ice Vellumental.

Ice Vellumental Boss Battle

The Ice Vellumental uses several defensive techniques to protect itself from your attacks. At the start of the battle, it’ll always encase itself in ice! You’ll need to use the Fire Vellumental to melt it, but you won’t be able to do it right away. You’ll need to open the chest to reveal the ON icon – this should be your first goal! While you’re working to get the chest, end your turn on an Action Panel to attack. If you are in the two inner rings, attack with a Fire Hammer. If you’re in the outer two rings, attack with a Fire Flower. If you have no more Fire Flowers remaining, use a Hurlhammer. These attacks won’t do more than 1 or 2 HP worth of damage on the Vellumential – but hey, it’s something! If possible, walk over a red x2 or blue + to increase the effectiveness of your attacks. Never use the Boots while the Vellumental is encased in ice –Mario will just slide off it and do 0 damage.

The Vellumental will still attack while inside the ice. Press A to block some of the damage from the attacks. The Vellumental has several attacks that can do over 35 points of damage in one hit! After attacking, it’ll encase itself in ice again! It’ll keep encasing itself until you melt the ice.

Once you’ve revealed the ON icon from the chest, your next turn should focus on activating the Magic Circles and landing on a Fire Vellumental space. Range doesn’t matter when using the Fire Vellumental, so use it anywhere you can! The Fire Vellumental doesn’t do much damage either, but it does remove the ice around the Vellumental, which allows you to finally deal significant damage in the next turn.

After melting the ice encasing the Vellumental, don’t attack with your Boots or Hammers. They’ll still do very little damage. Not only that but after using one of those attacks, the Vellumental will encase itself in ice again! This makes the battle very long. Your best option is to attack with the 1,000-Fold Arms! You’ll need to walk over the ON icon to activate all of the Magic Circles again. Activate them and end the turn on any of the 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circles. You’ll be able to hit the Vellumental from any distance, so range doesn’t matter for the 1,000-Fold Arms in this battle. Repeatedly bash the Vellumental in the head, and you’ll take out, roughly, a third of its health with the attack. This also leaves the Vellumental stunned and unable to attack on its turn.

After attacking with the 1,000-Fold Arms, the ON icon disappears for a turn. It is not on the battlefield, nor is it within a chest. The ON icon will return to the battlefield on the following turn. For the remainder of the battle, chests will only contain red x2/ blue + icons, healing hearts, or coins. You’ll need to use a regular Action Panel to attack while you wait for the ON icon to return. The Vellumental will also encase itself in ice after its turn – but that’s not all! It’ll also start creating hazards on the battlefield!

The Ice Vellumental forms frosty patches of ice that create a hazard on the battlefield. You can still move and slide frosted spaces like you would normally – just never walk over one! If you walk onto a frosty space, it’ll immediately freeze Mario and end your turn!

The Vellumental’s other hazard is created by dropping chunks of ice onto the battlefield. These have the same effects as the frosty patches, but you can break them and still use the panel they were covering. To break the ice chunks, you need to slide the panels they’re on, so that the ice chunk travels to the other side of the ring. You can do this by moving the panel into, or away, from the center. After breaking the ice chunk, it’ll stay broken no matter where you position the panel. If you cancel the movement, however, the ice chunk returns. Follow the same strategy to fight the Ice Vellumental until it has about 25% of its health remaining.

  • Activate the Magic Circles and use the Fire Vellumental to melt the ice.
  • After melting the ice, activate the Magic Circles and attack with the 1,000-Fold Arms.
  • Whenever you’re unable to use the Magic Circles, attack with a Fire Hammer, Hurlhammer, or Fire Flowers.

Once the Vellumental has about 25% or less of its health remaining, it’ll use the Ice Maze move. True to its name, Ice Maze creates an icy maze on the battlefield. The maze has only one solution, which is shown to you at the start. Ice Maze isn’t that bad on its own. The annoying aspect comes from the move that immediately follows it: Slippery Shuffle.

Slippery Shuffle spins three of the four rings around, shuffling the maze. It’s important to note that you don’t need to remake the maze again to attack. Remaking the path shown in the maze activates and finishes movement on the Magic Circle. The 1,000-Fold Arms is the most efficient attack, but if you just can’t solve the maze, you can still do some damage by ending in a regular Action Panel and attacking with your weapons. Here are some tips that can help you out.

  • After the Vellumental creates the ice maze, take a screenshot with the capture button. After Slippery Shuffle, go to the Switch home menu and look at the screenshot to see the solution to the maze.
  • The rings always rotate and never slide. You’ll only need to slide them if you need to break an ice chunk that’s blocking your path.
  • The Slippery Shuffle always leaves at least one of the rings untouched. During the shuffle, spot any stationary rings and make sure not to move them.
  • Before the shuffle, look for a unique panel (like the ON icon or chest) on each ring to see where they’re located. Then, use them as your guide when repositioning the rings.

After defeating the Ice Vellumental

Olivia uses the Ice Vellumental power to freeze the water surrounding the platform. This allows you to access the exit on the right side of the room – but don’t leave yet!

First, go to the left and down the steps. Continue left, past the three floating blocks, and jump onto the ice toward the foreground. Follow the ice to the left to discover a chest containing Collectible Treasure No.92 Origami Craftsman.

After getting the treasure, use the exit in the far right and slide down the ice. You’ll end your trip on top of a bear statue at the Ice Vellumental Mountain entrance. Jump off the bear, and walk toward the left side to find Collectible Treasure No.93 Diamond Island! You’ve gotten 100% for everything in Ice Vellumental Mountain, and with the new Ice Vellumental ability, you’re now able to do all of the trails in Diamond Island! Click here to continue with this walkthrough on Diamond Island.

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