KartRider Rush+ Heads to China for Its Season 4 Update

Season 4 of KartRider Rush has just gone live, adding new karts, tracks, events, and more.

Themed around China, the new season introduces two new rides. Cyclone Solid, from the Solid series, is a powerhouse that can be stopped with Silver Gear. The Wayward Bazzi, meanwhile, handles smoothly thanks to “impressive self-running technology”.

Multiple tracks have been ported over from the PC version of KartRider Rush+, too. They include Dragon’s Canal and Ice Lantern Road, and they’ll open up gradually.

New quests, meanwhile, allow plauers to unlock the Li Wokong code to obtain the Wukong character, but only until November the 15th. Several new accessories will arrive later in the month.

Season 4 also adds Micro-Events, allowing players to host their own private races and tournaments; Home-Treasure Events, in which treasure can be hidden in, and looted from, players’ in-game homes, and Boss Fights, which will arrive in December.

You can download KartRider Rush+ and play the new China season right now on the Google Play Store.

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