League of Legends Studio’s New FPS Reportedly Combines Counter-Strike and Overwatch

First details on the competitive first-person shooter for PC being made by League of Legends developer Riot Games have emerged after a recent playtest.

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro HenryG tweeted his impressions of the game, currently codenamed Project A, after he spent a day playing it at Riot’s European offices.

He reports that the game is most similar to CS:GO, being that it’s a 5v5 round-based tactical shooter. HenryG got to play a 12-round search and destroy mode, with A and B bombsites, and which had attackers and defenders swapping places at half time.

Where Project A differs from CS:GO is by having characters with unique skills tied to them. HenryG says the abilities are diluted in their power compared to those in Overwatch and Apex Legends. This means your shooting skill and tactics on the map are more important than using an ability to turn the tide of battle.

He reckons you shouldn’t rely on them but adds that “there’s nothing more satisfying dropping a successful combo of movement mechanics abilities that isolates your opponent to buy space before pulling the trigger on the killing blow.”

Project A also has an economy system like CS:GO does according to HenryG. That means each player will start with a set amount of currency and can earn more by scoring kills and completing objectives. That currency is spent on weapons and abilities at the beginning of each round.

HenryG adds that the range of weaponry will be familiar to CS:GO players too, and generally speaking, a bullet to the head from a rifle will kill an enemy. This means the shooting appears to be about as fast as CS:GO and so you’ll have to be very careful of where you’re positioned, peeking around corners to survive most of the time.

Other impressions from HenryG on Project A is that the map design stood out for him. He says it feels very similar to CS:GO, with lanes and choke points, and there’s a focus on gameplay over “flowery aesthetics.” He also had this to say:

All that was known about Project A previously was that it’s not connected to League of Legends, it takes place on a near-future Earth, and has character-based play. With these first impressions we know quite a bit more. There will be more official details on Project A to come throughout 2020 and perhaps even a name.

Riot is also working on a Legends of Runeterra, a card game, and a fighting game. It also announced Riot Forge recently, in which it’s teaming up with third-party developers to create more games set in the League of Legends universe.

Riot Games’ Competitive PC Shooter Codenamed ‘Project A’ Screenshots

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