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The M.U.T.E. Protocol is a special limited time multiplayer event for Rainbow Six Siege, adding new cosmetics and a game mode. With this new mode, strategies will shift, as certain Operators will become unavailable. This page contains information on tips and tricks for both the attacking and defending teams to help you win.

The attacker team is inserted onto the rooftop, and can access the building the same as they always do – either by rappelling off the side or accessing the building’s central elevator shaft. But thanks to the new morph ability, attackers can throw their drones and drive around anywhere in the map, then leave their drone to digitize into the space where your drone was last sitting.

Attackers have an infinite supply of drones to use, but can only view and control their own. If an attacker destroys a player’s drone, the drone pilot will be instantly returned to the safety of the rooftop spawn, costing the attacking team considerable time.

A good practice is to avoid detection at all costs, using small drone paths to sneak into locations, and only morph back into existence when nobody is looking. Here are some other helpful tips that may give you an upper hand as an attacker.

  • Avoid the gaze of enemy cameras – try and drive around common camera locations like this stairwell when possible, and never morph back to a human in view of an active camera
  • Coordinate with your team carefully – either split up and capture multiple objectives simultaneously, or stick close and morph around a single objective to overwhelm defenders
  • Morph behind cover, you don’t want to morph back to human form in the middle of a brightly lit doorway or an empty hallway
  • Orient your drone in the direction of your target. Your character will morph back to a human facing the same direction, which can give you an advantage when quickly materializing to attack a defender
  • Ambush enemy cameras. If you suspect an enemy may use a camera to morph out of, stand to the side and prepare for an ambush. Their cameras can’t be rotated, giving attackers an advantage
  • If you run into trouble during a firefight, simply throw your drone out. After a brief animation, you’ll be safely morphed into a drone, where the worst thing that can happen is being reset back to the roof.
  • Use Attacker abilities like GRIDLOCK‘s Trax Stinger to lay traps for Defenders at their camera positions. This staircase is a great flanking position to cut defenders off from
  • Nokk excels in this mode thanks to her ability to hide partially from drone feed. Be sure to use her ability liberally to avoid detection from defender cameras

It’s also worth noting that the following attacker operators are NOT available to use in this event:

The defender team can choose individual spawn locations, and need to prevent attackers from securing 2 of the 3 objectives around the map. Unlike a normal match of Rainbow Six: Siege – M.U.T.E. protocol does not offer a preparation phase, so defenders should immediately turn their focus to holding defensive positions and searching for intruders.

Remember that enemy drones are not just an attacker’s scouting tool anymore – and they will materialize into a hostile enemy when given the chance. Either destroy enemy drones to force the attackers back on the roof, or follow them to eliminate a morphing enemy.


Here are some helpful tips to remember when playing as a defender.

  • The map is filled with preset cameras. Use these to instantly teleport across play area.
  • If you run into trouble in a firefight – just enter your camera network and attack from a new angle
  • Each defender gets one extra indestructible camera to place. Place these in areas you would like to teleport to later
  • Coordinate with your fellow defenders with camera placement. Either place several cameras near an objective to keep attackers on their toes, or spread them out to provide more efficient mobility
  • Hide your cameras. Avoid placing cameras into objective rooms. Instead, place them in adjacent rooms that attackers wouldn’t expect
  • Place cameras on the ground – they still function the same way, but are harder to spot
  • If you spot a single drone, don’t destroy it right away. It will eventually transform into a player, so just keep an eye on it to get an easy kill
  • Use Vigil. Not only is he great at hiding from drones, but the notifications that appear when deceiving enemy drones help to identify the general location of attackers
  • Camp inside of camera networks. Your character is invincible inside of cameras, so it’s worth staying in the network until you’re prepared to strike. Remember – defender cameras have thermal vision – so spotting enemies should be easy

The following defending operators are not available in this mode:

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