Mario Kart Tour Finally Gets Real Time Multiplayer

Mario Kart Tour’s much anticipated real-time multiplayer mode has now gone live, allowing you to race against up to seven friends and strangers from around the world. 

The Mario Kart Tour 2.0 update also adds a camera feature, so that you can view the racing from a variety of different angles. 

Retweet for Goodies

To celebrate the launch of multiplayer, the absence of which has long blighted the Mario Kart Tour experience and dampened enthusiasm for the game among Mario Kart aficionados, Nintendo has decided to run a retweet campaign. 

If the tweets announcing the new mode on the English and Japanese Twitter accounts reach 30,000, all current players will get 30 rubies and an in-game badge. 

You can download Mario Kart Tour for free on Google Play.

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